One Million Followers : 5 Quick Lessons

One Million Followers: How I built a massive social media following in 30 days Book by Brendan Kane

You were built to live the dream that you have inside. Every person has a gift, Dreams are your guide. Do you have the courage to grab your dreams? I know you do. I see you wanting to be more, and have a lasting impact on the world. You just need a plan.

Prince E.A. Forward – One Million Followers

When I read the title of this book, I found it too long and assumed it would be poorly written. Man was I wrong! It was not only profoundly insightful, and inspiring, but everything I read was immediately applicable. This book is a no-nonsense guide to building your social media following, and leveraging it to spread your message to infinity and beyond. Read more about how the book was here. As promised, here are 5-quick lessons from One Million Followers:

There are more than 60 billion messages shared on online platforms alone.

Brendan Kane – One Million Followers

1.You need a plan

Without a solid social media strategy for your brand, you’re essentially relying on hope. Hope won’t pay the bills! If you want a bigger audience, more blog readers, and more money in your pocket, creating a solid social media strategy is key. This book is a fantastic guide for developing your plan. The author doesn’t claim to know it all, it offers insights from the biggest social media experts from different platforms.

2. There’s a lot of terrible advice about this out there

The market is saturated with countless social media “experts” who claim that ‘being authentic’ is all you need to grow your audience. This is important, however it’s simply not enough. The author suggests that there’s far too much ‘fluff advice’ about social media growth, and it’s a shame because some may even wrongfully judge this book as one of them. That is definitely not the case here!

3. There is no one size fits all solution

Damn. Doesn’t that suck? It would be much easier if this was the case however, we’d all be social media influencers, and you’ve seen your facebook feed, thank goodness that’s not the case! There are too many variables to consider, growth strategies even differs from platform to platform.

4. Fail often

The key to succeeding in the social media growth game, is shifting your perception on failure: Instead of seeing it at face value ‘my plan failed, boo hoo!’ we must learn to find the lessons hidden behind the failure and use them as tools to improve our plan. ‘Why didn’t my plan work? What can I change about the plan?‘. Kane writes that the more we fail, the better it is in this game. Knowing what doesn’t work will, essentially, get you closer to finding what does. Trial and error will get you to the large following, but you have to find a way to get comfortable with failure.

5. Size matters

More followers, more influence! We’ve seen them, we’ve resented them, but instagram influencers have figured out a way to monetize their lives. Imagined getting paid for being you? One Million Followers refers to this as the ‘Social Media Advantage’ and shares several examples of actors getting jobs over others over the amount of followers they have beforehand. We live in a world where people are adding the amount of followers they have on their resumes and its working!

Increasing your social media prowess can be advantageous in many ways. If you could tell 1 million people absolutely anything, what would you say? Comment below.


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