Why we sleep – A bite-sized review


Why we sleep: Unlocking the power of sleep and dreams

“Scientists such as myself have even began lobbying doctors to prescribe ‘more sleep’. As medical advice goes, it’s perhaps the most painless and enjoyable to follow. Do not however mistake this plea as a request for doctors to prescribe more sleeping pills, quite the opposite in fact.

Author tidbit

“Society’s apathy towards sleep has, in part, been caused by the historic failure of science to explain why we need it.” Enter this book stage right. Dr. Matthew Walker is a scientist and sleep expert that has tackled the large and mysterious topic of sleep and dreams. Until very recently, Drs and scientist couldn’t give you a real reason why we slept.

Target Market

Human beings. Bonus points if you’ve been nap shamed, and want some sweet comebacks for your slumber loving ways

“Two thirds of adults throughout all developed nations fail to obtain the recommended 8 hours of nightly sleep. I doubt you’re surprised by this fact, but you may be surprised by the consequences.”

Matthew Walker , PhD – Why We Sleep

What it’s about?

Sleep! And why most of us should prioritize it to greatly improve our health and in turn our quality of life.

“Routinely sleeping less than 6 or 7 hours a night demolishes your immune system, more than doubling your risk of cancer. Insufficient sleep is a key lifestyle factor, determining whether or not you will develop Alzheimer’s disease.”

Matthew Walker , PhD – Why We Sleep

Three key takeaways:

1. Your lack of sleep will make you sick

2. Your lack of sleep will make make you gain weight

3. Your lack of sleep might cost you your life

1 Pro?

Extremely informative book that is filled with riveting data about sleep. It reads like a well-written research paper.

“Inadequate sleep, even moderate reductions for just one week, disrupts blood sugar levels so profoundly, that you would be classified as pre-diabetic”

Matthew Walker , PhD – Why We Sleep

1 Con?

Terrifying to read if your sleep patterns resembles that of the majority of adults in developed nations. It also reads like a research study, very factual, no fluff, no poetry, and if there is humor in this book it eluded me.

“Sleep disruption further contributes to all major psychiatric conditions including depression, anxiety, and suicide”

Matthew Walker , PhD – Why We Sleep

Cop it or drop it?

Cop it! If you’re like me and doesn’t believe in the blissful fallacy of ignorance, then pick up this book. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s truthful, and important information to know. Sleep is easy to apply to your life! Succumb to the tiredness and let it sweep you away to your dreams of better health.

This books goes into great detail about how one can improve their sleep patterns and the associated benefits it has on their general health. Sleep is basically king, cozy up with the sandman and find a way to do it in abundance! It’s by far the easiest health advice you can get out there, Why We Sleep is literally asking nothing of us. No crazy workout plans, no crazy diets, no unbelievable sacrifices (other than your precious time) Just sweet sweet slumber… Not THAT is a health choice I can get behind. For me, it removes a lot of guilt I had associated with sleep. It’s embedded in me to be ashamed by how much I sleep, but not anymore! Now that I know it’s essentially turning me into an indestructible superhero, I will gladly sleep as much as my little heart desires (all hail Canadian Maternity Leaves of 18 months)!


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