Well-Read Black Girl- A Quick Book Review

In 2015 I created an Instagram account; the first post was an image of the T-shirt that was the Catalyst for WRBG. No caption, no long manifesto. Just the shirt saying “Well-read Black Girl”

Well-Read Black Girl – Glory Edim

Full title 

Well-Read Black Girl– Finding Our Stories, Discovering Ourselves.

Author tidbit

Glory Edim is the founder of Well-Read Black Girl, a book club turned online community and literary festival. She’s also a scholar, a mother and an all-around inspiring woman. She created WRBG provides a vital space for Black women readers and writers to connect and grow in conversation.

I started to quote the powerful affirmations of my heroes in my posts online, inspired by the effect of seeing their words illuminated visually on social media.

Well-Read Black Girl – Glory Edim

Who’s it written for?

Well-Read Black Girl was written for oppressed minorities that don’t often see themselves as lead characters in what’s considered literary classical books. – Bonus points of course if you’re a black woman!

Yet it is also a call to action for Black women to freely define their own narrative on their own terms.

Well-Read Black Girl – Glory Edim

What it’s about? 

Well-Read Black Girl is an excellent collection of short essays by black American women, each discussing the first time they saw themselves in fiction. In addition to the experience of reading the essays themselves for the insight they provide, the collection as a whole is an indispensable set of recommendations for further reading, both within the essays and in the lists of books by black women included throughout.

I wanted a place to build on the radical notion that Black women can read, write, and be whatever and whomever they desire.

Well-Read Black Girl – Glory Edim

3 Takeaways

1.       Representation matters.

2.       Authenticity and vulnerability connects people.

3. You are worthy of being represented in literary classics.

1 Pro? 

Well-Read Black Girl is beautifully written in more ways than you can count. Each author has a unique approach, style and stories they express so eloquently it’s like you’re listening to a beautiful song. This book is timely, and it matters in more ways than we know.

1 Con?

I found Well-Read Black Girl a bit short! One of my most common complaints about books like this, that are a collection of several authors is that it’s like eating a sampler menu for dinner. I enjoy the fact that it was full of a ton of book recommendations that I had never heard of. Another con will be the hit it gives my bank account when I purchase all of the new books I’ve learned about.

The whole movement has grown organically out of my mantra to remain authentic and practice vulnerability wholeheartedly.

Well-Read Black Girl – Glory Edim

Cop it or drop it?

Cop it! You need to add this book to your repertoire because of how powerful it is. Even if you’re not a Black-Girl, it touches on how minority groups including those LGBTQ, and those with varying abilities are rarely represented in books, which is true. The book is currently on sale as well! Do yourself a favour and read this gem of a book.



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