The Essential Social Media Marketing Handbook – 5 Quotes Explained

The Essential Social Media Marketing Handbook delivers is on its promise by providing readers with a new roadmap for maximizing their brands, their influence, and their credibility. T

The questions I had before Reading this book where revolved around how the social media platform strategies differed from platform to platform and in what ways. I also wondered if bloggers, small business owners, and artists could optimize their social media’s to a level playing field while remaining authentic to their brand.

Here are 5 quotes from The Essential Social Media Marketing Handbook that stood out for me.

1 – Connect through shared stories.

No one else has a right at this point in time by exactly the same road you have traveled, but your ideal tribe will be drawn to similarities between your journey, your approach, and their own. Demonstrate that through your stories, and your tribal will find you.

The Essential Social Media Marketing Handbook– Gail Z. Martin

What are your stories? Just like in person creating relationships virtually involves sharing stories as well. Within the stories we see ourselves in all of the people we hold near and dear. I have a theory that if you are a gregarious person in real life and struggling on social media perhaps something is being lost in translation. Social media forces you to go a little deeper than the surface to be successful.

2 – Credibility redefined

Credibility is more than believability. Believability has to do with the factual nature of the information. Credibility has to do with whether or not you track the source or the bearer of information. The Internet makes fact checking easier than ever before.

The Essential Social Media Marketing Handbook– Gail Z. Martin

With the Internet, fact-checking has never been easier. Even if the information is true if it comes from a questionable source it will still be doubted. That’s why fostering relationships is crucial and really increases your perceived credibility. The Essential Social Media Marketing Handbook stresses that above all, on social media, perception is reality.

3 – Maximizing interest sites, meetup, Reddit, and Forums

If you belong to a trade or professional association or a special interest club, as are high there’s a website. Especially for larger groups, it’s also very likely that the site includes some level of forum, bulletin board, discussion group capability. These are all places to meet new people, open conversations, demonstrate your credibility, and gather your tribe.

The Essential Social Media Marketing Handbook– Gail Z. Martin

If you’re struggling to find your people maybe it’s because you were looking in the wrong place. Social media management involves getting creative with where you find your tribe. Some people prefer forms over meters social media platforms however they will go to their social media page to check you out if you become a trusted source to them.

4 – Soundscapes exploring podcasting and Internet radio

Oh the Internet radio and podcasting can be a fantastic way to grow your audience and influence while creating and expanding an indelible brand.

The Essential Social Media Marketing Handbook– Gail Z. Martin

Millions of people listen to podcasts every day. It is no longer something that you can ignore if you’re looking to build your audience you must speak from platforms wherever you’re at and maybe. That includes podcasts. Luckily for you there is always a podcast that is affecting guests many of them rely on guests to interview. Contacting different podcast channels have to be done in a certain way. Be essential social media marketing handbook mentions with that way books like to help readers snag their first gig.

5 – Social media marketing is for everyone

Social media has become the source of news and information for a large and growing chunk of the population, across all age and economic brackets. Smart phones and Wi-Fi have helped to put the power of the computer and the connectivity of the Internet in reach of most consumers.

The Essential Social Media Marketing Handbook– Gail Z. Martin

Assuming that your business doesn’t need to be on social media if bath. The vast range of social media isn’t only about fails. Part of marketing and branding marketing specifically is about product awareness and disability. The sales are natural only after those first two-steps. So even if you only serve your local community a social media presence is something you could greatly benefit from and save an extensive amount of money because it’s essentially free marketing when it is done well.

The Essential Social Media Marketing handbook is definitely a book worth considering. The book teaches readers how to create a powerful social media presence to attract their ideal populations.

Even if you don’t have a business branding yourself is a valuable tool and investing in your social currency would be wise.


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