The Clutter Connection : A Bite-sized review

Full Book Title

The Clutter Connection – How your personality type Determines Why You Organize the Way You Do

I spent the majority of my life feeling messy, disorganized, frazzled and like a total failure. I was always late, always broke, and always overwhelmed.

Cassandra Aarssen – The Clutter Connection

Author tidbit

Cassandra Aarssen is a mom, a writer, blogger and inspiration to so many overwhelmed “messy” people who feel hopeless. Most importantly, she’s a former chronically messy person that has found an effective way to transform into an organized and tidy person.

Has your own inability to conform to traditional organizing systems similarity led you to believe that you are a messy person?

Cassandra Aarssen – The Clutter Connection

Who’s it written for?

Anyone that has ever been labeled a messy person. The clutter connection assured you that you’re not.

What it’s about?

This book is less about how to declutter your home and life and more about discovering and decoding why you struggle with clutter in the first place.

Cassandra Aarssen – The Clutter Connection

3 Takeaways

1. “Messy person” is a myth.

2. Traditional organizing systems aren’t “one size fits all”

3. Discovering Your ideal organization style will transform the way you live

1 Pro?

The Clutter Connection is Easy, practical read with a ton of great stories shared from different clients that readers can identify with.

1 Con?

Seems like it’s oversimplifying. The quiz online is almost “too short” to categorize someone. The biggest con of The Clutter Connection is how much doubt it inspires in my messy soul! I have to give it an honest try though!

Cop it or drop it?

Cop it! Nothing is better than realizing you’re not a broken messy person, you’ve just misunderstood the connection between your organization style and personality. The Clutter Connection Inspires hope in the messiest of us all!


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