The Clutter Connection : 5 Quick Lessons and book quotes

The Clutter Connection by Cassandra Aarssen is definitely a book worthy of consideration. Even if you’re a meticulously tidy individual, this will help you understand the people in your life who are not. Here are 5 quick lessons from the book of the week The Clutter Connection : How your personality type determines why you organize the way you do by Cassandra Aarssen.

Being naturally messy is a myth.

The Clutter Connection – Cassandra Aarssen

1 – Naturally messy isn’t a thing.

The Clutter Connection talks about how much “messy people” have adopted that title due to judgement instead of actual facts. She clears the smoke and says nobody is messy, everyone is unique. This means that a one size fits all cleaning and organizing style could never work with everyone, it’s impossible.

This book is less about how to declutter your home and life and more about discovering and decoding why you struggle with clutter in the first place.

The Clutter Connection – Cassandra Aarssen

2 – What’s your “slob” story?

If naturally messy was a thing, wouldn’t we all be in the same category? Have you ever seen an infant human being eat anything? Imagine if your parents never taught you how to eat properly, instead they laughed and shamed you for the messy way you are as a baby in attempt to make you eat differently? That’s the case for most “messy people” they have a broken picture of themselves in their heads and are subconsciously living the story that’s been repeated to them over and over again. Cassandra Aarssen calls this story a “slob” story and the one she shares in The Clutter Connection challenges readers to decipher the why under their clutter and mess. Are you sentimental? Are you a perfectionist waiting to figure out the perfect strategy before diving in? Do you have cleaning ADHD and never put things away because your mind is already on the next task? All Of these are some of the possibilities mentioned in the book. “Your past struggles and failures has led you to believe that you are a messy person. and it is this belief that has established your bad clutter habit. You are in the habit of being messy.”

I have been where you are. I would even bet that I was even messier and more disorganized than you are now. I lived with actual paths carved into waist-high piles of clothing and trash from my door to my fridge, bathroom and bed. Even when I attempted to control the chaos, my closets, drawers and every other living space were stuff so full I could never find anything.

The Clutter Connection – Cassandra Aarssen

3 – You’re not the messiest person ever.

Cassandra Aarssen of The Clutter Connection shares seemingly dramatic truths about her messiness, but she has pictures to prove it! Being messy isn’t a condition people are plagued with, it’s a state of mind. She was able to write this book and help countless people find organizing solutions for their lives because of her ability to change her mind about herself “first”.

I stopped copying other people.” Even your friends and family’s methods may be unsuitable to you! « e and my personality type.

4 – Your unique personality should be reflected in your cleaning style.

If you struggled to confirm to “typical” organizing and cleaning styles, it’s not because you’re inadequate, it’s because you haven’t discovered your unique cleaning style yet. Enter the Clutter Connection stage right. Instead of trying to replicate other peoples systems, Aarssen discovered a system that works best for her own personality type. She then began helping countless others discover what their unique styles were, and it worked! Her website has very satisfying before and after pictures from readers of her book, which gives you hope of you struggle with clutter.

If you gain nothing else from this book, I want you to leave with this one simple truth ‘you are incredible just the way that you are

The Clutter Connection – Cassandra Aarssen

5 – What is your Clutter-bug type?

The Clutter Connection has a quiz in it that you can answer to decipher the kind of organizing style that best suits your personality type. It makes a big difference! If you’re not an “A” type personality, you will fail at A type cleaning methods time and time again. You’re not broken, you simply haven’t discovered a cleaning style that aligns with your personality type. Asrssen does a great job describing all of the different personality styles and also provides countless tips on how to leverage your personality to even make cleaning and cluttering dare I say Fun?

There you have it! Remember no book can ever be summarized this simply and I highly recommend you consider picking it up or listening to the audiobook. We can all be tidier and we can all have less stuff, this book will definitely help you get there in an interesting way.

If you’re struggling to get your life together, drowning in clutter, or you feel as though you are lacking basic organizational skills, I want you to start by giving yourself a break. I want you to be open to the possibility that none of those negative statements are true, and the real reason that you have failed up until now is that you have been trying solutions that are designed for someone else’s personality.

The Clutter Connection – Cassandra Aarssen


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