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Talking to Strangers : What we should know about people we don’t know

We have people struggling with their first impressions of a stranger. We have people struggling when they have months to understand a stranger. We have people struggling when they meet with someone only once and people when they return to the stranger again and again. They struggle with assessing a strangers honesty. They struggle with a Stranger his character. They struggle with a stranger’s intent. It’s a mess

Malcolm Gladwell – Talking To Strangers

Author tidbit

Malcolm Gladwell is the host of the Revisionist History Podcast. He’s also a bestselling author of notorious non-fictions namely Outliers, Blink, What the dog saw and David and Goliath. Easily one of my favorite modern-day researchers/philosophers, he forces us to think about things in interesting ways.

Who’s it written for?

Humanoids from planet Earth. Talking to strangers is powerful enough to inspire real positive change in this world.

We jump at the chance to judge strangers, we would never do that to ourselves of course. We are nuanced and complex and enigmatic, but the stranger is easy. If I could convince you of one thing in this book let it be this: Strangers are not easy.

Malcolm Gladwell – Talking To Strangers

What it’s about?

Talking to Strangers has one of those titles that’s fairly self-explanatory. It’s an intense look of the biases we didn’t know we had about the people we don’t know.

Three key takeaways:

1. You can be wrong about new strangers

2. You can be wrong about old friends

3. You probably don’t realize how judgmental you are

Transparency is a myth. An idea that we picked up from watching too much television and reading too many novels where the hero’s jaw-dropped with astonishment or eyes went wide with surprise.

Malcolm Gladwell – Talking To Strangers

1 Pro?

The Audiobook version of this book is unbelievably well orchestrated! It’s a production with real audio-clips from real cases.

1 Con?

An Intense read, some parts may even turn your stomach! Talking to strangers doesn’t sugarcoat anything! It covers real news stories and criminal cases about rapists, murderers and pedophiles and analyzes the scenarios with a very fine tooth comb.

Cop it or drop it?

Cop it! Find a way to consume this book because Division is upon us! We simply aren’t getting along with our neighbors, countries are separating, even Canadian provinces are threatening to separate because of our inability to agree. This book is important, it’s humbling and it’s possibly the most critical thought provoking book I’ve read in a very long time.


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