Seven Fallen Feathers – A bite-sized review

Full title

Seven fallen feathers : Racism, Death, and hard truths in northern cities

Neglect and abuse caused an estimated 6000 deaths at residential schools but the exact number is unknown.

Seven Fallen Feathers – Tanya Talaga

Author tidbit

Tanya Talaga is an aboriginal Canadian journalist who identifies with the Anishinaabe community. She’s known for being an investigative reporter for the Toronto Star, and for writing the book of the week, published in 2017, Seven Fallen Feathers: Racism, Death and Hard Truths in a Northern City. Her book awarded her the 2018 RBC Taylor Prize for non-fiction and the 2017 Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing. Both incredible literary awards for the best non-fiction books on Canadian political and social issues.

Trudeau was sympathetic, but fiddler knows he will never truly grasp the enormity of the issues his people live through every single day. History dictates that to be so.

Seven Fallen Feathers – Tanya Talaga

Who’s it written for?

Everyone seeking truth and clarity on social, political and justice issues of Canada that is definitely still apparent. They don’t teach you this in school! It’s written for those that are bothered by that.

To understand the story for the seven lost children who are the subject of this book: The seven feathers, you must understand Thunder Bays past.

Seven Fallen Feathers – Tanya Talaga

What it’s about?

The book takes us through the sometimes shocking details of 7 student deaths that happened in Thunder Bay, to students that have all attended the same high school, often as their first experiences away from the reservations. It also educated us on the historical causes of current conditions of aboriginal reservations, and the very well hidden shameful conditions they endure to this day due to racism.

it is vital that people understand how the other failure and the betrayal of the treaties worked in conjunction with a paternal piece of legislation called the Indian act to isolate indigenous people and remote reservations and to keep them subservient to our web for more than 100 years.

Seven Fallen Feathers – Tanya Talaga

3 Takeaways

1. All lives matter?: Aboriginal lives seem to matter less than non-aboriginal Canadian lives both in the media, and with Northern police forces from Thunder Bay.

2. Injustice is written: Racism still has its heavy hand on the entire situation in Thunder Bay and other northern cities who share a border with reservations. but it ensured itself with faulty treaties and agreements that left aboriginal populations with the very short end of the stick.

3. Skeletons in our closet: Canada is known for being a generous country internationally, and is still one of the top international aid contributors. Seven Fallen Feathers Feathers exposes the dark secret of Canada, that’s laced with historical racism leaving entire populations within its own country don’t have running water.

Cultural genocide is the destruction of those Structures and practices and allow the group to continue as a group… cultural genocide set out to destroy the political and social institutions of the targeted group. Land is seized, and populations are forcibly transferred and their movement is restricted. Languages are banned, spiritual leaders are persecuted. Spiritual practices are forbidden, an object of spiritual values are confiscated and destroyed. And most significantly to the issue at hand, families are separated to prevent the transmission of cultural values and identity from one generation to the next. And in dealing with aboriginal people, Canada did all of these things.

Seven Fallen Feathers – Tanya Talaga

1 Pro?

Seven Fallen Feathers is beautifully written! The author has the ability to tell a heart-wrenching and complex story with layers and layers of historic systemic racism. Curated to perfection, the book tells a story in such an informative way that is both shocking and rewarding to read.

Three levels of government the city, the province, and the federal governments can’t decide on who should pay for the repairs. The reserve won’t pay and neither will the Real way company. The finger of blame points in all directions. So nothing gets done.

Seven Fallen Feathers – Tanya Talaga

1 Con?

Seven Fallen Feathers isn’t for the faint of heart. I’m definitely the faint of heart! It was difficult to read about so much pain and atrocities in such imaging details. It read like a dystopian fiction book because of how unbelievably disgraceful and frankly disgusting some of the content is.

The Indian act has been compared to an apartheid a piece of legislation Designed to control and tame the Indian population

Seven Fallen Feathers – Tanya Talaga

Cop it or drop it?

Cop it! Seven Fallen Feathers is like removing your rose-colored glasses on Canada as a whole. What a PR mismatch to be internationally praised for its generosity while having this festering and infected open wounds within a broken system that needs to be properly addressed and resolved. Our governments got us here, shouldn’t they do more to help reconcile this? I’m in shock here, this book will wake you up to hard truths about dear Canada. Not an unpleasant read at all! Inform yourself!


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