#MomVoxMonday: Explained

“I hope you feel seen today. I hope you feel heard today. In big, small, or any way that you need it”


Parenthood can be a very isolating time for parents…

This is especially true for mothers. #MomVoxMonday is a series of interviews with real mothers that I’ve come to admire.

It’s my way of shining a light on the woman behind the baby, because let’s face it, our kids get all the attention as we fade into wallflower versions of ourselves.

“It takes a village to raise a child”

– African Proverb

This proverb gets thrown around a lot but I have a few questions about it. Why just the child? Doesn’t it also take a village to raise a mother? My goal was to create a space for moms (of the present and future) where questions are answered, and stories are shared.  I also personally needed a space where I felt a little less alone in my parenting bubble. 

Cheers to learning from each other, and supporting one another because being a mom can be hard as Hell-o! 

Me + My first of two Man-cubs

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