Real-Mom Interviews : Meet Tainana

I’m very excited for this interview because this beautiful woman is someone I’ve grown to admire greatly. We met as kids in Hamilton Ontario and she now resides and works in Angola, Africa. I was always impressed by her impeccable ability to speak English and Portuguese, now I’m taken aback by her wisdom and gentleness. Cheers to another great interview this week! Thank you so much for participating my dear!

Let’s raise this mother!

Tell me about yourself

I am 26, Angolan nationality but I grew up in Canada, I have one brother and was raised by a single mom.

I currently live in Angola, working in HR, which is nothing like the environmental science course I followed in university, I became a mom in august of 2017 to a sweet little boy.

Did you always want kids?

Yes, I’ve always known I wanted kids, just not at 24. I always thought I would start my family by 28/29.

Tell me about the birth or infancy stage of your child?

I’m blessed to have had a quick labour. Overall it took me 13 hours of labour and 45 minutes of pushing. I can say that the pain was unimaginable, and before it all I was all for natural labour but my ass got to the hospital at 7cm begging for the epidural. So that was great, and I also had a tear.

I can’t say that I would describe thus this as a beautiful experience, it was just extremely overwhelming but satisfying in the end.

Funniest memory?

When he first started to dance, he would just stomp his legs from side to side like he was doing a military march, and he was still in the beginning of learning how to properly walk so it was like a baby deer type of scene, very cute and funny.

What’s something you wish people knew about your son?

He is very independent, does not do things he doesn’t want to, it sounds scary but I think it is a great trait for him to have, we will just have to adjust it a little bit.

What’s something you wish people knew about you?

I am a lot more sensitive than I appear.

What was the biggest sacrifice of motherhood to you?

Taking care of myself, I gained 20 kg and only started losing it 16 months postpartum.

How are you coping?

I am working on really being efficient with routines

and carving out time in my day for myself, even if its one hour a day to do something like work out/read a book/online course.

What do you love most about being a mom?

Breastfeeding, kisses, watching him grow and learn and develop every single day.

Who does your tribe consist of?

His nanny mainly, she has contact with us everyday, and she has cared for him since he was 3 months old until he turned 16 months and went to daycare. I also have aunts and cousins and my grandma and of course my mom (long distance).

What’s something you wish they (your tribe) knew?

I don’t always like asking for help, I like trying to figure things out on my own sometimes.

What lessons and values do you hope to instill in Your child?

To be true to himself, to believe in God, and to be a kind person and a gentle man.

Can we follow you on social media?


Instagram is all I use these days. : @tainanaleitao

Do you have any advice out there for moms-to-be?

Dear moms-to-be, you got this. You are equipped for mom-life, trust me.


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