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Sarissa is a beautiful, funny, dynamic and athletic mom that is intelligent beyond belief. She was kind enough to answer these questions when she was still pregnant. Today she has two young girls under 2 and her arms overflowing with love, and maybe a little homework (maybe). I was a student-mother as well, I returned to school with my first! You try writing a dissertation with the famous “pregnancy brain”! It’s not for the weak! Cheers to the strength and ambition it takes to return to school, and to becoming better more educated versions of ourselves for our kids.

Let’s raise this mother!

Tell me about yourself

I am a busy pregnant mom! I work two jobs and am finishing my masters while investing all possible time in my daughter.  I like to be busy and active and to get outside!  We love the park and are SO happy the weather is getting warmer so we can spend more time outside. 

Share your birth story

The birth of Eileen was relatively smooth.  I chose to give birth in Hospital as it was my first and I had no idea what to expect.  The stitches afterwards with no freezing or epidural was definitely the worst part – I feel as though I have held on to some trauma from this which I am working on. This time around I am aiming for a home birth but am open to what ever happens.  I am pretty type A but when it comes to pregnancy and birth I seem to be able to just go with the flow and understand we can have a plan but when the time comes we have to be ready for anything. 

Funniest memory?

I am not sure! I love to laugh but I don’t think I can pick one? We definitely laughed a lot with every poo-explosion!

Name something that you wish people knew about your daughter

I wish they would let her explore, learn, and grow at her own pace.  All children are unique and capable and do not need to be compared to others!

 I love observing her while she plays and letting her discover things on her own – not interfering can be hard but this is so helpful for her brain development, problem-solving and self-esteem!

What’s something that you wish people knew about you?

Hmmm, I wish people understood that I love all human beings.  I work in mental health and addictions and people feel sorry for me, or think my job is really tough.  Don’t get me wrong – my job is tough – but I also love it.  We need genuine, loving, caring people to work with human beings.  I LOVE my work and I love ALL humans.

What has been the biggest sacrifice of motherhood to you thus far? How are you coping?

I think my biggest sacrifice was sleep!  

I think most parents would agree! I also choose to be as busy as I am and sacrifice some resting time to be present with my daughter (and bond with my unborn baby)!

What do you love most about being a mom?

Cuddles.  Giggles.  Being her number one and watching her learn.  

They say ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ who’s in your tribe?

My husband and I are lucky to have a lot of help!  Eileen is the first grandchild on both sides as well as the first grand baby for many of my mom’s friends.  My mom LOVES kids – perhaps this is why I always did too.  She has been the biggest help.  We were lucky to have built a house so while we waited for it to be ready we lived with my parents when Eileen was first born.  I have no idea what having a newborn will be like without living with my parents and brothers!  My mom watches Eileen when I am at work or school if Dave is unable, with the help of my dad.  Dave’s parents watch Eileen as well – they live next door to us actually so this is really helpful!

What’s something that you wish your tribe knew?

I wish they all knew that I want what is best for my children – and that I have spent years researching what makes healthy and happy human beings.  

It all comes down to healthy attachment, letting them grow at their own pace, and giving them all the love and attention that you can.  I guess what I am trying to say is I wish they could all respect the rules we have put in place – that Eileen is our child and that it is well within our power to set these rules.  Perhaps also that I want to reuse, reduce and recycle… including clothes and toys!  We have so many clothes but still end up getting more brand new ones all of the time.  I don’t want to sound unappreciative but it can be so frustrating to see so much waste. 

What lessons and values do you hope to instill in your child?

I want my children to be kind, healthy human beings.  That’s it.  

Advice for new moms?

I try really hard not to give advice

… BUT if I was going to it would be to follow your heart parents!  Do what feels right for you!  I have been judged for breastfeeding too long, for getting pregnant so soon, for exercising at the park with Eileen while being pregnant, for bringing my baby to the gym, for eating ice cream, for NOT giving ice cream to Eileen, for working two jobs, for going to school, for taking a whole year maternity leave… the list goes on and on… while this is all frustrating I realize MY BABY MY LIFE.  Just love your kids, give them time and attention and watch them flourish. 

May we follow you on Social Media?

I am not that interesting but plan to start sharing more of our Montessori journey and sign language skills – if you’d really like to follow along my instagram is @sarissaellice 🙂


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