Real-mom Interviews: Meet Sara

Sara Flowers is a smart and hilarious woman I’m lucky enough to have as a friend. She’s probably the most relaxed person I’ve ever met and a fellow fit mom I enjoy swapping ideas with. I’m often inspired by her ability to see the good in everything, to laugh things off and to remain competitive even if the scoreboard doesn’t look good for our team! Motherhood is another thing we share in common and I greatly enjoy our playdates. I hope that you enjoy this beautiful persons interview as much as I did.

Tell me about yourself

I am the youngest of 4 siblings raised by a single momma. I am a pretty laid back, yet strong 32 year old woman. I have a fulfilling career and love my husband and our son very dearly.  I became a mother at the age of 31 and I feel as though a small void has been filled with immense JOY!

Have you always wanted kids?

I was independent and left the nest at the ripe old age of 17. I never exactly envisioned myself as a mother. I met me husband a year later. My husband and I had been together for 13 years. We’ve enjoy a household of pets over the years, and we dabbled in different jobs and careers. We finally felt as though we were comfortable and stable to start a family. It took nearly 2 years of “non-preventative-if-it-happens-it-happens-bumpin-uglies” until we eventually conceived.

Share your birth story

It was two days before our due date on a frigid cold January morning. I needed to get out and move around. We decided to go to Costco to do a bit indoor walking. My husband was indulging in their famous 50 cent hot dogs. I oddly enough was not hungry. Odd because at this stage of pregnancy I’d been eating 3 breakfasts daily all before 10:00am LOL. I knew labour had kicked in at this point.  I endured 12 hours of contractions in the comfort of our home. I was 4 cm dilated upon arriving at the hospital. 9 months of pregnancy, 24 hours of labour, 2 hours of pushing…..worth every second when we met our baby boy.

Funniest memory?

During delivery, the nurse looks at me and says “I cannot believe you are smiling right now” ….. of course I’m smiling, this is the miracle of life

What’s something that you wish people knew about your son?

Hmmm there’s no secrets, our son is loved unconditionally. Sometimes if he cries for no reason at all, don’t ask me why he’s crying. He’s a baby/toddler, sometimes I just don’t have the answer, but I sure will try to find the solution. Momma snuggles usually do the trick!

What’s something that you wish people knew about you?

I almost feel selfish when it comes to our son.

Hubby and I honestly enjoy every moment with him. If I don’t ask family or friends to babysit, it’s not lack of trust, it’s just pure enjoyment of our valued time spent with our son. Yes we go out and enjoy adult time occasionally but for the most part He’s all ours muahahaha!

What’s the biggest sacrifice of motherhood?

The biggest sacrifice of motherhood has been my lack of self discipline. Pre- parenthood I really enjoyed my workout regimen. My motivation is hiding somewhere between my parenting, marriage and career. I’m slowing finding it and it’s a great balance.

What do you love most about motherhood?

Three things: 1. Watching him grow and develop into a healthy toddler. I love embracing each and every milestone it makes me feel empowered. 2. The endless hugs, kisses and snuggles 3. Long shifts at work seem to fly by since becoming a mom. Knowing that I have such a happy nest waiting for me when I get home.

They say: “It takes a village to raise a child” Who does your tribe consist of?

Out tribe consists of hubby and I and of course grandma. Sometimes she needs to pry him from us. We just love raising and spending time with our lil man.

What values do you hope to instill in your son?

We hope that he lives by the golden rule “treat others the way you would like to be treated” be kind, genuine and respectful. 

Favorite apps?/ Social media platform?

The only social media I use is Facebook. I’ve fallen in love with the “Ovia” apps. It’s something I used while pregnant and still use during parenting. 


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