Real-mom Interviews – Meet Maggie

Maggie is a young mom who has always known she’s wanted children one day. She is a driven, intelligent and resourceful person that I’m honored to have grown up alongside as we were always neighbors! In her interview, like in real-life Maggie spares no detail, she’s hilarious to me (read below) enjoy her light-hearted nature below.

Let’s Raise This Mother!

Tell me about yourself

My name is Maggie, I’m a 24 year old women and mother of two!! I like to practice staying mental and physically active by doing yoga, running and walking outdoors! I love being silly and just living in the moment.

I became a mother when I was 20 years old.

Have you always wanted children?

Yes, I’ve always wanted kids I think my magical number 5 when I was younger. But times have changed since then now that I have 2!

This is a lot of work.

Share your birth story:

Isaiah my sons birth was easy and not much pain

my water broke I went to the hospital got an epidural was in labor for 7 hours didn’t feel any contractions and his delivery was 18 minutes and 4 big pushes.

My daughter Aliyah was the opposite, was in labour for 3 and half hours no epidural I felt everything and it was intense!! Her delivery was 4 minutes! But even though I was in more physical pain with her labor it was a lot easier I found to deliver.

Funniest memory

When I was in labor with Isaiah, I had the epidural and you can’t get up and use the washroom, and I was debating with the nurse that I had to poo and she’s like no you don’t and we debating for a few minutes on how she can’t tell me when I need to use the washroom. And she turned to me and said I’ve been doing this for a long time, your not pooing it’s the baby’s head moving down, ( but it still wasn’t time to deliver ) and she walked away. I just looked at my mom and TJ and said so can someone tell me since Isaiah’s not here yet did I shit or not… (btw I actually didn’t)

I thought it was funny now looking back hopefully not TMI

What’s something that you wish others knew about your kids?

As sarcastic and sassy he can be for a 3 year old he’s a sweetheart. He can be so loving and naturally interesting in the well being of others. He just comes off so sarcastic and silly when we’re out and about usually. Aliyah loves her toes being played with.

What’s something that you wish people knew about you?

As open as I am, I’m unsure what I want to share about myself publicly! I’m unsure this can be helpful to others because I don’t have all the answers about parenting.

What’s the biggest sacrifice of motherhood to you?

Self-care. I think 1000% my children come first but if I can’t properly take care of myself mentally physically emotionally etc how can I take care of them. I’m one month  postpartum . So coping we are making a solid routine with my partner to watch the kids so I can have me time. I’m Excited getting back into yoga once a week and the gym 3 times a week and trying to do daily walks with the baby! Being physically active has always been my outlet, so doing something I enjoy makes me feel good about myself.

What’s your favorite thing about motherhood right now?

The non-stop cuddles and hugs when Isaiah just says mom I wanna hug you, and comes and cuddles my heart just explodes. Right now Aliyah doesn’t have a choice I cuddle and hug her 24/7! I also enjoy listening to my 3 year-old explain stuff, he’s so smart and it puts a smile on face every time.

how is my 3 year old explaining to me why I can’t go through a red light or the police will come and get me I’ll have to talk to them and then go to my driving piggy bank( the drive through bank) and pay the police. So that’s why we don’t go through red lights mom! 

I also love how my son and daughter are so so young yet teach me so much about myself everyday!! 

They say it takes a village to raise them, name your tribe and tell us about them

My Tribe is my mom ,Dad, partner Terrance. Watch out, we’re a wild bunch! Just kiddin! We’re a very outgoing silly bunch, very care-free, love to joke around and laugh type of family!! 

Any advice for new moms?

Just be happy! And don’t stress and take things on, one thing, one day at a time. Life is gonna have ups and downs not everyone is gonna be happy or nice! But you get what you give! You give love and positive energy to the world you will get it back so treat others the way you wanna be treated! And don’t judge people cause everyone has a story, so just focus on being the best you, and laugh! 

Thank you Maggie!


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