Real-mom interviews : Meet Laura

Laura and I have recently learned that our husbands grew up playing soccer together. What a small world! By the end of this interview she’ll have you convinced she’d make a perfect friend, and she even welcomes your friendship by sharing her social media details. Yes! Thanks mama! What an adventure we are on! There’s really nothing like motherhood.

Let’s raise this mother!

Tell me about yourself

I’m Laura, I’m a 30 year old wife, mother, wiener dog mom (of 2), and teacher. I’m a first time mom of my sweet little boy, Hartley born December, 2019.

Did you always want kids? If not, when did that change?

I’ve always envisioned myself as a mother for as long as I can remember. This was something I was always certain about in life. I like to think that I have a strong sense of nurturing (from caring for my younger sisters, beloved pets, my partner, and even my house plants… lol).

Share your birth story

Oh boy, one word I would use to describe my birth would be, intense. Disclaimer: I had a VERY easy pregnancy, no morning sickness or nausea, not many food aversions, and zero stretch marks (not bragging, but being honest). My labour on the other hand was something I did not see (or could see) coming. I was in labour for over 30 hours, vomiting most of it (go figure after surviving 9 months without it!) I went into my labour with a drug-free mindset, and I managed to pull through without getting the epidural (sounds insane right?!) When I reflect back on my birth, it was the hardest thing I have ever done. It is true what the say though, once you push that baby out all those endless hours of pain vanish as if they never existed. All I felt was pure joy as my sweet little baby rested on top of my chest and tears streamed down my face. The most beautiful moment of my life.

The most beautiful moment of my life.

Funniest memory?

My husband and I always die of laughter.

So far as a new mom, I would say hearing the noises that comes out of my baby as he “relieves” himself in his diaper. My husband and I always die in laughter (especially when he was sharing our room with us in his early months!)

What’s something you wish people knew about your son?

How observant and absorbent is he is.

How observant and absorbent is he. He’s always looking around fascinated in the world, taking in every little thing. I can already see the wonder in his eyes.

What’s something you wish people knew about you?

Sometimes it’s hard for me to ask for help when I need it.

I appear as a strong woman in almost every aspect of my life, and sometimes it’s hard for me to ask for help when I need it. I always want to do my best in anything I do, and sometimes that takes a toll on me emotionally.

What was the biggest sacrifice of motherhood to you?

It’s definitely an adjustment as a first time mom.

I would say that the biggest sacrifice would be that you no longer come first in your day to day routine. Whether that be eating, showering, or even going to the bathroom. It’s definitely an adjustment as a first time mom.

What do you love most about being a mom?

To be honest, I truly love the title of “mom”.

To be honest, I truly love the title of “mom”. It’s something that makes me feel very proud. I also love watching my baby smile and have fun, and last but not least, I love the sleepy time cuddles with him in the rocking chair before bed (such a peaceful time).

They say it takes a village to raise them, who does your tribe consist of?

We have a wonderful support system that I truly cherish.

My hubby, my parents, my in laws, my two sisters, and my brother- and sister-in laws. We have a wonderful support system that we truly cherish.

What lessons and values do you hope to instill in your child?

To be a kind human, and to always value the family and friends in your life. Enjoy the little moments, take risks when you need to, and to be brave. You are the navigator of your own life.

What’s the best advice you’ve received about motherhood so far?

Your children don’t need a perfect mom, they need a happy mom. Taking care of yourself is important too.

What does self-care look like to you?

A hot bath, a glass of wine, a couple burning candles, and one of my music playlists (the genre depends on my mood, hehe)

Can we follow you on social media?

I’m on Instagram @laurr.c

Thank you so much for reading! More coming next week!


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