Real-mom Interviews : Meet Kaylee

Something that I didn’t expect from motherhood was my new-found desire to find a way to make money while working from home. Despite that however, it seemed that those that were doing so successfully were always so cryptic when you asked them how! Rest assured though mama, Kaylee tells us exactly how she runs her business from home and even shares how we could do the same among so much more. Thank you Kaylee.

Tell me about yourself

My name is Kaylee Patterson. I am a wife, a mom, a cat lover and makeup addict! I also love food. I became a mom to my daughter Cattibrie (She goes by Brie) on November 17, 2018.

Have you always wanted children? If not, when did that change?

I always said I didn’t want kids – But I knew damn well I would have them. I am so close with my parents, I couldn’t imagine not having that with my own kid(s).

What was the biggest sacrifice of motherhood to you? And how are you coping?

It is hard going from #1 to #2. Of course my daughter comes first ALWAYS but I am finding it difficult to make any time for myself. But I know it is SO important to have that ‘me’ time in order to be the best mom I can be. So I try to give myself even just a half an hour when she naps to do absolutely nothing! Or I put my iPod in when we go for walks and listen to some music other than Disney classics just to feel like myself for a little while during the day. 

Tell me about your tribe

I would be LOST without my Mom. My Mom has been my biggest supporter. Obviously my husband is helpful as well, but in different ways. My mom just LOVES Brie beyond words and it shows in everything she does for us. The rest of my family has been amazing as well. First grandbaby/niece (on my side) so everyone is always willing to help out and it is so greatly appreciated!

Tell me about your job

I run an online makeup and skincare company. Our mission is to uplift and empower women to be able to support their families from their phones! 

What’s the best thing about it?

The time freedom, the sisterhood and of course, the products are all SO amazing! This company is so much more than just products! 

The best thing about an online business is I am able to make money while never missing a second with my daughter! I can work around her schedule (I can work when she naps or when she’s in bed) as much or as little as I want! 

How long before you made money?

The beauty part is – You can start making money IMMEDIATELY! We get paid 3 hours after every sale! Our CEO wanted to make sure that if a family NEEDED money today for groceries or diapers (or whatever!) that it was possible! As soon as I started my business, the first month, I made my investment back and then some! 

How can other moms do it?

ANYONE can do this! That’s the best part! All you do is purchase your Kit and you are ready to go! There is nothing better than spending time with your babies WHILE making money … All from your phone! If you have any questions or you are interested in more info, PLEASE feel free to contact me at any time! I love this company and I know you will love it too! 

Biggest perk?

The biggest perk is being able to help support our family while being with my baby! I can work where I want and as much as I want! If we spend the day outside of the house, I can work a bit less! If I want to spend the day working, I can do that too! The sisterhood is amazing too! We have a team of like minded, determined, motivated women who will push you when you need and love on you when you deserve it! Having a support tribe behind you is so important for growth! 

May we follow you on social media?

Yes! Please follow me at my Facebook Page Kaylee Patterson Beauty. I do makeup tutorials and sell high quality makeup products. Makeup has always been a passion of mine and this is where I truly come to life! Like I said, moms need to have a little something for them – An outlet of some sort – And this is mine. This is where I get to be creative and get lost in something I love.


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