Real-mom interviews : Meet Kareen

I’ve known this girl since we were babies in high school! This fellow loc’d Queen is the reason I became a yogi! She challenged me to a free 30 day yoga challenge and then I was HOOKED! Yoga has changed my general mentality, mood and outlook on life. Kareen, you’ve improved my life tremendously in more ways than one! Cheers to being a boy-mom, and to enjoying and embracing what motherhood has to offer #Namaste sis!

Let’s raise this mother!

Tell me about yourself

Hey, my name is Kareen. I’m an ECE, which I work in a child care centre in a toddler room. Also, I am taking a yoga teacher training, and I have a pretty regular practice. I am a single mom to a beautiful rambunctious and smart 3 year old name Kaiel. He was born in October of 2016.

Have you always wanted children? If not, when did that change?

I did want kids, I just didn’t think it would happen so early. I always thought I would of had more accomplished before I had kids, and be in a committed relationship. But with that being said I think having Kai pushed me to be where I’m at today. Over the last three years I was able to save and purchase my first home. I’m really happy where I’m at in my career, and I’m also training to become a yoga teacher.

Share Your birth story

My birth went nothing as planned/imagined.

Kaiel was born in London, England where they have birthing centres. I had hoped that I would have had a “beautiful water birth” but I guess Kaiel thought otherwise and came via emergency c-section. It was kinda disappointing for me, because I did everything “by the book” (went to prenatal yoga, didn’t eat cold cuts, took prenatal vitamins, drank lots of water) so it was kinda like I failed. I was also told that I couldn’t have a water birth again because now I’m considered “high risk” so that kinda put me off of wanting to have more kids. With all of that being said. Technology is amazing and I probably would have died if c-sections weren’t a thing, and one or both of us wouldn’t be here. So for that I’m thankful. My beautiful baby boy is here and he’s smart and healthy❤️ The though of having more kids still kinda scares me however, it would be nice to have another.. someday

Funniest Memory?

I think we underestimate how clever our little ones are.

One day Kaiel must have been about 2 and a half ish and walking out of day care he asked me “mum where does the money come from” with his little grown man voice and innocent face. He was very serious 😅 I was so taken back and shocked by his question but still I proceeded to explain to my 2 year old that when we come to a school and mommy is playing and taking care of the kids in her classroom she’s working and that’s how we get “the money” 😂

What’s something you wish people knew about your kids?

He is very articulate, so if you ask him a question, he will give you an answer. Don’t be surprised.

What’s something that you wish people knew about you?

I need help.

I don’t actually have it all together, and i have a hard time asking. In my head I’m really stuck in this story of “I got myself into this, so I’ll figure it out”

What’s the biggest sacrifice of motherhood to you?

My social life.

I really eat, sleep, repeat Kaiel and work. And mom guilt is real. Luckily I have a great group of friends who are also moms as well and they keep me sane. We hang out a lot with the kids, and we try to get ourselves out too – without the kids Lol

Name 3 things you love most about being a mom?

When I come into a room where my son is, especially when I haven’t seen him for a while, and his face just lights up seeing me.
As much as I’m over co-sleeping, I love when Kai comes into my bed in the middle of the night to cuddle.

Matching outfits

Who does your tribe consist of, and what’s something that you wish they knew?

Mainly me 😅 …. my dad, his grandma and aunt on his dads side, I have a great group of girlfriends who all have kids and they help me out from time to time , and I would be kidding if I didn’t mention his daycare (where he spends most of his time), he has a really great teacher who does really good programming.

What lessons and values do you wish to instill in your child?

Be kind, be honest, and if you work hard anything in this world is attainable

Best motherhood advice you’ve received thus far?

It’s okay, just try again tomorrow.

Favorite book and why?

The coldest Winter Ever and Midnight by Sister Souljah. They are “gangster love stories” good reads if you need to get out of your head.

Wisdom for new moms?

It’s crazy more times then not. Once you think you have it figured out it all changes, so just enjoy every step of the way. You’re doing great!

Can we follow you on social media?

Sure! I’m a fan of Instagram : @kayyyxo_


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