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Definition of a Friendly Neighbor I am honored to finally feature this beautiful, intelligent and oh so generous woman! Jessa, your love of the outdoors and relaxed nature inspire me to relax as well. I love how you parent! Cheers to raising these wild rambunctious boys alongside each other, and cheers to your new baby girl JJ! She is so precious!

Let’s Raise This Mother

Tell me about yourself 

My name is Jessa. I am engaged to a great guy, Jake and we have one child (currently expecting a second). My sons name is Killian Edward, We also have two dogs, two rabbits, a number of fish and a hermit crab named bubbles. I work evenings and weekends so that I can be home with Killian during the day while Jake works.

I became a mother August 13, 2017. It was a gorgeous sunny sunday afternoon.

Did you always want kids? If not, when did that change? 

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a mom.

The trickiest part was finding the right partner to join me on the parenthood journey. It seemed like it was never gonna happen, but I found my man and by 34yrs of age I finally got my wish.

Tell me about the birth or infancy stage of your child? 

Giving birth to my son made me feel incredibly empowered.

We made it to 37weeks plus 1 day. We were so unprepared for an early delivery. Isn’t the first one supposed to come late??!!! The stroller and car seat were still in the box and baby clothes still needed to be washed! My water broke at 3:30 am that day. Jake thought I was messing with him when I woke him up and told him it’s time. LOL I laboured at home till about 7:30am, enough time for Jake to assemble the stroller and carseat. We headed to the hospital to meet the midwife. I was lucky to get a private room with a tub and spent most of my labour there. Jake, my mom and his mom were with me the whole time. I had a great support team!! We finally got to meet Killian at 1:31pm. Everything went so well. No stitches!! We left the hospital a few hours later and were all home by 5 to greet our first visitors after dinner. The next few weeks were filled with friends and family excited to meet the new addition in our lives. He was showered with love.

Funniest memory?

One of Jakes first experiences with a poopy diaper was by far the funniest moment.

Jake is awesome and will take on any task necessary to care for his son. This was however not something he has a lot of practice with so when he was changing this diaper his inexperience  allowed for some great laughs. His mom and I were there watching as he changed the diaper, he was doing great. Got the baby all cleaned up fresh diaper ready and doesn’t Killian start pooping again! Jakes says “ WHAT DO I DO NOW?? “ Between laughs we managed to relply “Start all over again!!”. The look of panic on his face was what truly had us laughing so hard.

What’s something you wish people knew about your son?

Killian started walking fairly young. I could tell he would be very adventurous and afraid of nothing, just like his father.

So at a yr old we put him in gymnastics. I figured it would give him good flexibility and balance for anything he may want to do when he gets older. His instructors were constantly telling us how absurdly strong he is. He also loves music and dance. He will be a great athlete one day!! 

What’s something you wish people knew about you? 

 I am a fairly friendly and open person so people assume I am a bit of a social butterfly.

I’m really not though. I don’t like being the center of attention. I would much rather be out getting dirty, hiking, camping, working on cars, or in the kitchen cooking and baking. I like to make people happy with food! I’m mostly a homebody that enjoys quiet easy days chilling with my family.

What was the biggest sacrifice of motherhood to you? And how are you coping?

I think for many moms time is a huge sacrifice.

Your time is no longer your own. There is a nap/sleep/eating schedule to keep to. I find friends that don’t have little ones struggle to understand this. They don’t know that if you mess with the routine, the next few days are a gong show till you manage to get back on track. I have lost touch with some of those friends and it makes me a little sad but I have been making new friends with other parents that have young children. They understand that messing with “the schedule” is not going to end well. LOL!

What do you love most about being a mom? Name 3 things.

I love seeing him master new skills.

Eating independently, crawling, walking, and talking. New things all the time. His communication skills are growing every day. At one point his favorite word to say was “ball”. Now he has so many more words in his vocabulary and a few sentences. The snuggles are the best. He is the sweetest boy and still manages to slow down every once in a while for some great snuggles. I also love all the adventures we get to go on. With little ones every day is a new adventurous day to make so many memories, and take way too many photos!!

Who does your tribe consist of? 

My tribe is pretty huge with immediate family, camping family great friends and neighbours.

We rely most on Jake’s parents. They are always happy to help. I hope my tribe knows how valuable they are to us. We would probably not keep our sanity without them. Also Jake is the best father and provider. I can’t imagine parenting with any other partner. He is my rock even when we drive each other crazy.

What lessons and values do you hope to instill in your child? 

I want Killian to be independant so he can do things for himself when he leaves the nest.

I would like him to have a great imagination and love the outdoors so he doesn’t rely on technology for entertainment. I hope he will be compassionate to all people and animals. He loves to help so I’d like to keep that trend going. Mostly I want him to know how to be happy, as the only real way to find happiness is to truly be happy with yourself. 

Can we follow you on social media? 

I am on some social media.

It’s mostly to keep in touch with friends and family I don’t get to see much. Advice for new moms, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Being a mom can be a tough thankless job. Sometimes to save your sanity help is necessary. Try not to let other people’s comments and judgements get to you. For some reason people always have something to say. Just keep doing what you do. If your child is happy and healthy you are already doing everything right!!  


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