Real-mom Interviews: Meet Deijahna-Lynn

  • Deijahna-Lynn is most definitely a mama I look up to! Becoming a mother has turned her into a better version of herself! Read her interview below to find out how she manages to juggle work, school, motherhood and an active lifestyle that’s note-worthy! She is a Super-mom in my books and I’m honored to share her interview below!

  • Tell me about yourself

    My name is Deijahna-Lynn, I’m a 28 year-old single mother. I’m also a full-time broadcasting student and part time server. I became a mom In November 2016.

    Have you always wanted children? If not when did that change?

  • Yes, I’ve always wanted children! I loved babies as a young child. I’d baby every chance I could get! Luckily for me, a lot of my moms friends had kids.
  • Tell me about either the birth, or the infancy stage of your child

  • My birth was overall a good experience. My water broke however, I didn’t go into active labour until about 24-hours later. I had to get induced after a certain period of time, and I immediately knew that I wanted the epidural! No question about it, it was intense! Days after giving birth I was back in the classroom. I’m grateful because my teachers allowed me to bring my infant to classes.
  • Funniest memory?

  • The Funniest memory from birth was making them give me the epidural twice because it didn’t work the first time!
  • What’s something that you wish people knew about your son?

  • I wish people knew that my son could count to 10 before he was one. He’s so intelligent, funny and loving. I’m already proud of the little person he’s becoming.
  • What’s something that you wish people knew about you?
  • I wish people would knew that I was a serious yogi! I practice yoga everyday now because I’ve just realized that it’s super essential & wish everyone else would go too! If you don’t already do yoga, change that, it’s a game changer!
  • What’s the biggest sacrifice of motherhood to you?
  • The biggest sacrifice of motherhood was my social life. I cope by being selective of my free time. I prioritize my time a lot better now.
  • What do you love most about being a mom? Name 3 things.
  • What I love most about being a mom is that it makes me a better person, I’m more reliable now, more effective and I do everything with intent and purpose.
  • Who does your tribe consist of? What’s something that you wish they knew?
  • My tribe consist of my mother , my brother , my aunt & my grandmother and her twin sister. I wish they knew how grateful I was for everything they do for Elias and I. I can’t possibly thank them enough!
  • What lessons and values do you hope to instill in your son?
  • The lessons I hope to have instilled into Elias are: to be humble, always be kind to others, and to do everything with intent and just to try his best at anything he does.
  • Tell us about your social media page, and can we follow you?
  • Yes please follow me on social media. My medium of choice is most definitely Instagram. My handle is :
  • @DeijahnaLynn

    I love interacting with my followers and learning and sharing different information and living tools while also inspiring one another. Plus I post funny memes LOL!

    Wisdom for other moms?

    The best advice that I think I could give any mother is to always make time for yourself at least once a week, it’s-self care and you and your kids will both be better for it!

    Your child doesn’t need a perfect mom, they need a happy mom.


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