Real-mom Interviews – Meet: Claire

Claire went from being a police officer working in child protection to becoming an entrepreneur. Sometimes becoming a parent radical changes your life in ways in which you could’ve never predicted. My favorite things about this interview is how open and authentic she is. She doesn’t skip a detail in her birth story either which he important to me.

Thank you Claire for sharing your wisdom with all of us, we can all relate to so much of what you’ve experienced. Cheers to making the changes you need to make to improve your quality of life in a way that matters most.

Let’s Raise This Mother Up!

Tell me about yourself

I am a business owner and mum of 2. For 12 years I was a police officer working in Child protection.

My job was to protect young people. The hours were long and my commute to work was 2 hours each way. Needless to say I needed a change. My personal development journey started when I was introduced to my business. I had no back ground in business or health and wellness but I wanted a family and the opportunity came to me just before I was due to marry my husband so I thought why not! I live in The UK in middle England in a small village in my dream home with my husband. Life is certainly very different today and I firmly believe I have manifested most of it through visualisation and action taking!

Did you always want kids? If not, when did that change

I had never been maternal at all. My ex husband and I had tried to conceive for over 2 years with no success so I had emotional built up resistance and allowed myself to believe that kids were not for me. My current husband and I had discussed children and felt it would be nice but both agreed that either way we were happy.

We didn’t want to feel pressured either way and were having lots of fun in our relationship. This relaxed attitude led us to take a ‘lets stop trying not to’ approach and found ourselves pregnant on the return of our destination wedding/honeymoon! I still didn’t know how I’d feel about children the whole way through my pregnancy and it wasn’t until I gave birth that I found my home as a mother.

Share your birth story

I was a very bless mother for both of my pregnancies. The first time round like most new mums I didn’t know what to expect but I always knew my body would handle it well. My husband was in London on valentines day in 2014 when I first felt the movements of my little boy. The tightening’s were slow but present as I called my husband at work and asked him to come home. I had seen slight blood spotting and was concerned. So when he arrived home we went to the hospital in the early stages to be checked over. My planned labour was to give birth in water so I was eager to be given the all clear so I could remain low risk and transfer to the midwife led unit. By the time we were cleared I was 3cms and transitioned to the low risk area. I felt calm and happy but I wanted to get into the pool. At 4cm I got in and enjoyed the experience enjoying gas and air for comfort. 4 hours later I had become a bit delirious and the midwife asked me to get out of he pool to check me. After telling me I was 6cm she left for a break. Moments later as I attempted to turn back over to get on my hands and knees my waters broke and Oscar appeared with no issues 35 minutes later at 1.42am on 15th February. He was a great baby and we loved spending time together. I breast fed and enjoyed the closeness however hated breast feeding due to an undiagnosed tongue tie he had. I struggled and persisted as that’s my nature and eventually stopped at 13 months. He was an awful sleeper, but always happy. It was bliss! My husband was still working at the time while I was growing my business in small pockets of time around Oscar. We always planned for a second child but had difficulties conceiving second time round. My husband discovered a testicular lump when Oscar was 2 and after tests decided to have it removed. This was a time in our lives where we remained so grateful for our health, our finances and time as I was able to be there to support Chris and focused on his health. Very shortly after we found out we were pregnant with our daughter Myah. Her pregnancy was a breeze. I became aware of hypnobirthing and started to read about the theory. I practiced the techniques and attended classes. I then planned a home birth. With how simple my first birth had been I acted on the presumption the second would be as simple. My husband had booked a trip the previous year which would mean he would be away until two days before the baby was due. I was weirdly calm about him travelling so sent him off with my blessing. As the weekend progressed my false contractions grew in number and I became increasingly concerned about her coming early. My husband was a ferry ride away and a 3 hour motorbike ride so I knew that he needed to have the time to get back so I made a decision to ask him to come home. He finally arrived back on the Saturday afternoon and Sunday night I felt more false labour pains. By Monday morning they were getting quite regular so I invited the midwife to come and examine me. I was 4 cms dilated! My son went to his grandmothers house while I listened to coldplay and walked around the kitchen patiently waiting for my husband to fill the birthing pool we had rented. I felt so calm and so in control. By the time I entered the pool I knew I was close to having her. I went to the bathroom and saw my plug release, got back into the pool and moments later felt my waters break. Myahs was delivered in the water by me about 20 minutes after my waters broke with no pain relief, just controlled breathing. It was an awesome experience. She naturally found my breast to feed and barely cried. Since then she was been a ray of light in our household. At almost 3 she continues to make me smile and brings laughter to our house.

Funniest memory? 

Laughter fills our house daily. If its not my daughter raising her eye brows in a funny way, or my son doing silly dances in the playroom to his favourite songs, or when they both get naked and run around the house together singing and dancing!

What’s something you wish people knew about your son/daughter?

My son has the most beautiful voice but he won’t sing for anyone other than us.

What’s something you wish people knew about you? 

I’m a pretty open person, theres not much people don’t know.

What was the biggest sacrifice of motherhood to you? And how are you coping?

My body! My stomach will never be the same again no matter how hard I try!

however the lines and skin are the evidence of the beautiful nature I created inside of me. Sometimes I hate it, and other times I am so grateful, because its a miracle really that I was able to grow such beautiful children.

What do you love most about being a mom?

  1. Watching my children grow into incredible humans
  2. 2. The bedtime stories and cuddles.
  3. 3. Learning to be a better human in helping them to be the best they can be.

Who does your tribe consist of? (People helping you raise your kids)

My husband, the school, the pre school, their grandparents ( my mother and step dad, and my mother in law) and my business community.

I want to ensure their dreams remain in tact and they never stop believing their worth.

What lessons and values do you hope to instill in your child? 

Self belief, self love, money mindset, giving abundantly, living life with love, servant leaders.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received about motherhood thus far?

Don’t sweat the small stuff, you can either be right or happy.

What’s your favorite book and why? 

Super Attractor – Incredible book.

Do you have any advice out there for moms-to-be?

Kids don’t come with a hand book, don’t expect to know everything, trust your gut instinct, and lead with love.

Can we follow you on social media? Why? (Please mention the kind of pages/blogs you share) 

Absolutely you can! I love to share positivity and possibilities. I help women create incomes part time and help them to be empowered to live the life of their dreams again#!!


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