Real-mom interviews – Meet: Christine

Christine and I were classmates in college. I’ve always admired her hilarious sense of humor, beautiful singing voice and her work ethic. She never seemed overly stressed out during crunch time, and could always be counted on for a friendly interaction with an easy smile. Once when stranded, she even gave me a ride all the way to Hamilton, and that’s something I’ll never forget, her humongous heart and ability to give. Her children are lucky to have such a mama! Cheers to you Christine, you beautiful person.

Let’s Raise This Mother!

Tell me about yourself

Hi there! I’m Christine and I am a very busy mom of 3 littleones aged 6, 3 and 1 years old. In addition to my busy schedule at home, I am a member of the Canadian Armed Forces posted to 21 Electronic Warfare in Kingston Ontario.

Have you always wanted children? If not, when did that change?

In high school, I would have said “No way, I want 2 dogs and that’s it!”

But things changed after I got married, and after several years of trying, we finally found out that we would be welcoming a baby girl to our life and we were ecstatic. 

Share Your birth story:

My son was born one day shy of Remembrance Day a year ago.

I had a medical condition where I had to have labour induced a month prior to my due date. This was the case with my second child as well. My first two children were born very quickly once labour started, (My first was 20 minutes and second was 9 minutes) so we were prepared for an even quicker delivery this time. And sure enough, Dallas was born in just over 4 minutes. This was my first experience having a child who was born struggling to breath. He was quickly taken off to the NICU, where he spent over a week learning to breath on his own. I have a new found respect now for parents who spend weeks/months in the NICU and the immense struggle and guilt you deal with everyday from the times you can’t be there, and for the moments you can’t hold your baby.

Funniest Memory?

Peeing my pants a little bit because I was laughing too hard while I was 8 months pregnant!

Pregnancy and child birth have been very humbling experiences to say the least!!! 😊

What’s something you wish people knew about your kids?

I have to say, I appreciate their empathy for other people, their kindness towards animals and other humans, and their love for the smallest adventures we take in our everyday life. The girlssee the excitement in everything we do as a family. From going to the park, to shoveling the driveway, to catching minnows in the summer time. They have taught me how to enjoy the little things I used to take for granted. And how strong of a fighter my Son Dallas is. After being discharged from the NICU, we found ourselves back in the hospital 7 weeks later as he struggled for his life battling RSV, Pneumonia and a partial collapse of his lung.

His willingness to fight and not give up was something I’ll never forget.

What’s the biggest sacrifice of motherhood to you?

I hate to say this, but it has made my career in the Canadian Forces a lot more challenging than if I did not have children.

I am a huge supporter that if parents want to have a career and children, that you can juggle both, but that does not mean that it is easy, or that my career or my children won’t be taking on some sort of sacrifice. I was away when Brooklyn took her first steps, I’ve missed special holidays such as Halloween from being away on training, I’ve turned down career opportunities because I was pregnant or on maternity leave. BUT it’s a sacrifice that I am happy to make 😊

Name 3 things you love most about being a mom:

1. The unconditional love I receive everyday2. Feeling the type of love I have for each child is something I could not of comprehended before I met each of them. 3. When they tell me how much they love me, or when the baby gives me a kiss before I leave for work in the morning.

Who does your tribe consist of, and what’s something that you wish they knew?

I had my 2 daughters, Everleigh and Brooklyn from my first marriage. Now, I have my son, Dallas, with my spouse Conor, and we raise all the children as a family here in Kingston. We also have Henry, my dog who has been with me since college and is now a senior and sleeps most of the time. I hope they know how grateful I am to have each of them in my life.

Life gets busy and hectic, and sometimes it feels like I am just going through the motions of survival 😊

Best motherhood advice you’ve received thus far?

It was more of a statement actually. Just multiple people telling me to enjoy this while it lasts, and they won’t stay small forever. Six years has already flown by since Everleigh was born.

Time just needs to slow down.

Wisdom for other moms?

Enjoy the quiet times, but try to embrace the chaos 😊


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