Real-Mom Interviews: Meet Cassaundra

Happy Fathers, Second Mothers Day Cass! This gorgeous super-model/student/mother is most definitely a woman I’ve come to admire along the years. She is living and breathing proof that you can be a career-driven woman and a great mom. How she does it all? We will never know, but the interview below does offer some insight. Enjoy

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Tell me about yourself

I’m obviously batshit crazy because I’m a mom, model, social media influencer, and a university student. I became a mom on December 26, 2016 when I was 27 years old and my daughter, Briar Rose is the best thing that has ever happened to me. 

Did you always want kids? If not, when did that change?

I’ve always wanted kids. I wanted like 5 kids to be honest. Growing up, I pictured myself married with at least 3 by 30 but life happened and goals changed, now one child is perfect for me.

Tell me about the birth or infancy stage of your child

People may actually hate me for this one but my whole pregnancy was perfect. I wasn’t sick at all, I had no food aversions and my daughter was born in 6 hours from the time my contractions started and without any pain medication.

Funniest memory?

Walking like a duck for 6 weeks after and having to put frozen pads on my lady bits.

What’s something you wish people knew about your daughter?

That’s she is so freaking smart that it terrifies me. She knew all of her colours and could tell the difference between blue and teal by the time she was a year and a half. She can count to 10 and recite almost all the abc’s and she’s not even two. Plus, she’s starting to recognize some words when I read to her before bed. She’s evolving right before my eyes and it’s crazy to me.

What’s something you wish people knew about you?

Some people like to think that the fact that I travel a lot and model for work, that I’m a bad mom. What they don’t seem to realize is that I have my daughter alone full-time (as in every single day) and I have to arrange work trips months in advance just to get a two days to work. I love being a mom and I would never put any job above my daughter but I also have to keep a roof over her head, it’s not only about my own success, it’s about her.

What was the biggest sacrifice of motherhood to you? And how are you coping?

The work/life balancing act feels impossible sometimes. I’ve had to cut back on work and how I make a living a lot but I cope by managing my time better and scheduling in advance when I can and also booking shoots close to home or booking stuff I can bring my daughter with me too. 

What do you love most about being a mom? Name 3 things.

Ugh! There are so many things from watching her grow into such an amazing little person, to simply realizing that I grew this whole little person inside me and how much of a badass that makes me!  But my favourite favourite is when she gives me a giant hug and says “mommy, I wuv you” ️ Melts my damn heart every time.

Who does your tribe consist of? (b) What’s something you wish they (your tribe) knew?

Oh god, I would not be where I am without Briars Grandmother (her dads mom) she has been the single most influential person to briar and the person I have relied on to help me raise her. I don’t know what I would have done without her. But I also have my grandparents, my cousin Emma, my brother and sister, my aunts, and my best friend Brit. They make everything possible for me and I wish they knew exactly how much they all mean to me and how much I appreciate them for everything they do.

What lessons and values do you hope to instil in your child?

To be a strong, independent, smart woman who is always true to herself and pursues her dreams (whatever they may be).

Advice for other moms?

My advice for moms to be out there is simple – don’t let any other mother put you in a bubble and tell you what kind of mother you should be. Just because you aren’t doing things the way others are doesn’t mean you aren’t completely killing it at this motherhood thing… we’re all just winging it so just follow your instincts, love your kid, and try to guide them through life the best you can 

Can we follow you on social media? Why?

Join over 400k followers on her instagram pages : @cassaundrakelly – Model page

@lifeofcassaundrak – Instagram personal life

Thank you for everything you do and everything you are mama. Your child is lucky to have you.

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