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My Stoller-Running, smoothie loving, yogi-mama friend! I remember our long and sometimes windy parkway runs being the only way we figured out how to put our sons to sleep! Becky was there when I felt alone in my decisions and unsure of what to do about people not respecting my rules. Thank you for being the level-headed voice of reason that made me feel less crazy for making healthy choices for my family. I value our friendship and will always brag about how much faster your are at running than me despite our height difference.

Let’s raise this mother!

Tell me about yourself

I am married to my high school sweetheart (yes that can happen in real life, yes we were prom king and queen and no he was not the captain of the football team and I was not the captain of the cheerleading squad, I was the captain of the girls rugby team and he was the captain of the boys rugby team!). Together we enjoy being active, getting outside and traveling, all of which we have continued to do since welcoming our son Hudson into our world 2.5 years ago. I am an avid (slightly obsessive) runner and truly enjoy seeing hard work pay off, typically in the form of a marathon. 🙂

Have you always wanted kids?

Yes, I have always wanted kids, I grew up as a middle child with a sister that was six year younger.

Not only did I babysit her, but I also babysat a good portion of the kids in our neighborhood (that was the height of my entrepreneurship days!).

If you’re comfortable, please share your birth story

I love talking about birth!

Okay so here it goes…Hudson was born September 30th, 2016. We had chosen to go with midwives as our primary caregivers during the prenatal, birth and post delivery stage. I am terrified of everything medical and after watching the Business of Being Born and reading Spiritual Midwifery I realized that as long as I had a healthy, non complicated pregnancy and labour that the entire experience did not have to be medical at all! All of that being said, we do live 30 minutes from the hospital and my husband was super hesitant about a home birth so we compromised and decided to do a large portion of the labouring at home and then drive to the hospital for the birth (this was an option provided to us through our midwives).

On September 28th, 2016 in the evening I began leaking what we assumed was amniotic fluid. After meeting our midwife at the hospital the next day and having a non stress test it was determined that yes it was amniotic fluid. The problem was that I was not actually in labour. An induction was scheduled for the next day, in the event that I did not go into labour that afternoon or evening. This was exactly what I wanted to avoid! We were provided with a homeopathic to help get things going, ate spicy thai food and went for a walk, which did the trick! By 7 – 8 pm I was in labour and we had called the midwife to come to our house. I found the contractions totally manageable with focus and breathing. By the time I was 6 cm dilated, I was told if we were going to the hospital it was time to go. At that point I could not imagine moving or getting in a car for 30 minutes!

I looked at my husband and asked if we could stay at home, of course he said yes, who argues with a woman in labour!

After making the decision to stay, I went from 6 cm – 9.5 cm in 1 contraction (see I am legit terrified of the hospital!). The transition was crazy intense, the second midwife was not at our house yet and I was told if possible to try and hold the baby in…I may have panicked slightly at this point! At 12:25 am on September 30th, 1 minute prior to the second midwife arriving Hudson Andrew Liefl was ejected (hahaha) into this world! He was a tiny little guy at 5 lbs 14 oz, 5th percentile for his gestational age, but perfectly healthy in every way.
I also love the infancy stage (minus the 6 week sleep regression, that will haunt me for my entire life). It is messy (he did not stop spitting up for 6 months) and wonderful in every way. Following the crazy birth experience I felt empowered and confident that I could do whatever this tiny little human brought my way.

Funniest Hudson memory?

There are so many!…I honestly can not pinpoint just one!

What’s something you wish people knew about your son?

I wish people knew how wonderfully loving he is.

When Hudson was 1 day old Mark and I decided to both state what we wanted for him in this life. I said I wanted him to be loving and Mark said happy. He is a crazy, busy, wild, adventurous two year old. But he is also so very caring and loving. If he sees a bird by itself he asks where its mommy is. Every morning he wants to know where the two dogs are so he can say good morning and pet them. We cuddle in bed every morning before starting our day. He is sensitive is all the best ways.

What’s something that you wish people knew about you?

Hmmm…tough one…

I truly love running, and keeping busy. It is what keeps me sane, the mental benefits exceed the physical.

That being said the struggle is real. Balancing work, family, and marathon training is nuts at times, but so very rewarding, I know I am a better person for it. I’ve heard a number of times, I wish I had the time for that (in reference to my running). The thing is you make time for what matters to you. We could go a week and not turn a single TV on in our house, my basement flooded over a year ago and we have barley started refinishing it. Big picture I know the things that need addressed will get addressed, my well being is most important.

What’s the biggest sacrifice of motherhood and how are you coping?

When Hudson was first born the gravity of the fact that I was now responsible for a living, pooping, peeing, nursing, crying human being that needed me 24 / 7 hit me really hard.

Now that he is 3, the fact that I am responsible for raising a contributing, respectful, functioning member of society is daunting.

I don’t feel like these are sacrifices but rather a massive life-altering responsibility.

What’s your favorite thing about motherhood?

The joy of it all! Being forced to live in the moment. Seeing the world through a little persons eyes.

They say it takes a village to raise on, name your tribe

My tribe is small but mighty, I have always been a quality over quantity type of person, never hanging with massive groups of girlfriends. I have a few really close friends and great family on both sides. I wish they knew how much I appreciate them, even if I don’t always express it.

What are Lessons and values that you hope to instill in your child?

Always be kind to others. Whatever you do, do it with all your heart. You are loved and you are love.

Social media – if I know you I will add you! @becky.p.wilkie

Lastly, best piece of advice for new mamas?

During pregnancy and new motherhood I did a lot of research always ensuring that the information I was devouring fit for me and my child. My biggest piece of advice is to DO THE WORK!

I was once told that people in North America spend more time picking out a stereo system than evaluating their birth options. Research, prepare (I prepped for birth like I was training for a marathon, understanding if I wanted an unmedicated natural birth I need to be both mentally and physically prepared), do what fits with you (not necessarily what your mom did 30 years ago or your best friends sister did). Be informed, listen to your heart and be attuned to your baby and you will make the right decision.


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