Real-mom interviews – Meet: Aubrey

Aubrey and I worked together at a call Centre years ago! Before we were both moms we were the office rebels and almost always getting in trouble for having too much fun during work hours. Reconnecting through motherhood has been a pure delight and I’m proud of the woman she’s become! You’re going places Aubrey, watch out world!

Let’a Raise This mother

Tell me about yourself

My name is Aubrey I’m a 25 year old mother of a sweet 18 month old girl named Lucy. I’m also a student working towards my Human Resource Management diploma online and I work part time as a bartender (when not in quarantine).

Have you always wanted children? If not, when did that change?

No! I always felt I was too selfish and he responsible to ever become a mom.

To be perfectly honest with you that changed when I got pregnant! Until then I didn’t think it was for me.

Share Your birth story

The birth of Lucy was an almost 24 hour ordeal that ended in an emergency c-section. It took me a while to recover from labour trauma and I wish more people spoke openly about it because

I didn’t know it was a thing!

Funniest Memory?

All of these stories must be poop stories! LOL!

Lucy pooped one both me, my partner and both of our parents! Now that she’s in daycare I new waiting for the day they tell me they got pooped on! It’s only a matter of time.

What’s something you wish people knew about your daughter?

She’s very quiet and shy which makes people wonder if she has some sort of speech delay. J find it sad that even babies are being compared! Leave her alone, she’s fine.

What’s something that you wish people knew about you?

I’m not married. I don’t want to be married, I’m perfectly fine with that, having a child doesn’t change that.

In other words leave me alone! Lol!

What’s the biggest sacrifice of motherhood to you?

The biggest sacrifice to me have been physical ones.

I know I’m supposed to embrace my new body and love my stretch marks but I just don’t. I miss not having stretch marks and not being self-conscious at the beach. I am working on my physical health and it’s a mental game too.

Name 3 things you love most about being a mom?

1 – My baby she’s the most adorable ray of sunshine and she brightens everyday

2 – the way my partner and I are co-parenting. Who knew we would make such a great team?

3 – The tiny dresses. I love dressing Lucy Ho like a fairy princess! Even if we have nowhere to go. It’s adorable to me.

Who does your tribe consist of, and what’s something that you wish they knew?

My tribe is my family!

I wish they knew how much I appreciate them and how difficult it is for me to ask for any help even when I need it. I’m fortunate enough that they ask to see her regularly because it gives me a little time to attempt to get my life in order.

What lessons and values do you wish to instill in your children?

I hope she never hates herself as much as I did.

I grew up with a lot of body image issues and I hope that I can help her be more confident in herself. I will try my best to model it, because that’s what I needed, more examples of happily confident women.

Best motherhood advice you’ve received thus far?

Don’t sweat the small stuff! It’s all small stuff.

I’m starting to be more mindful and in the moment! Babies ways seem like there is no other moment than the one they’re in and that’s beautiful to me!

Favorite book and why?

I love you forever by Robert Munch. I read it to her every night.

Wisdom for other moms?

If you’re on the fence about going back to school, get off the dense and do it!

I never used to care about school and definitely never studied as much as I do now. Becoming a mom has given me a a drive I didn’t know existed.

Can we follow you on social media?

I’d rather not! (Sorry) I’m a fairly private person and enjoy the small following I currently have.

But please follow @fitnerdymom.dotcom on Instagram. It’s by far my favorite page! Cass is brilliant.


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