Real-mom Interviews: Meet Alexandra

One of the first things that I noticed about Alexandra was how open and authentic she was from day/1. Never any awkwardness, when you read her tell-all interview, you’ll feel like an old childhood friend of hers, that’s a superpower in my books! ENJOY!

Tell me about yourself

My name is Alexandra, I am a hard working, married, mama to two beautiful babies (and a fur baby) who is just trying to find a good overall balance. I became a mama on June 08th, 2017 at 4:23am when my son, Stirling, was born. I recently became a new mom once again when I gave birth to our second baby, a beautiful little lady named Violette. 

Have you always wanted children? If not, when did that change?

Growing up, I had always dreamed about being a mom and becoming one definitely exceeded ALL my expectations. You tend to always have this mental image of what your family will look like but when it actually happens you also get all the love, emotions and hormones that come along with it. 

Share Your birth story

I was 38 weeks and 5 days when at exactly 1:30am when my water broke. I woke up my husband, Connor, to let him know what going on. We went to the hospital at 4:30pm. I received pitocin and then the contractions really started kicking in and continued until well after midnight. My back labour had gotten so intense that they had to give me a shot of morphine but I was had a bad reaction to it where I felt completely ill and cold. At about 1am, I was about 6-7cm dilated but still had more to go, I had inquired about an epidural but the doctor had told me they could call the anesthesiologist to administer the epidural but he was currently at home so it may be a bit. I laughed and told them not to bother because I didn’t want to inconvenience him. Pretty sure my husband thought I was insane… They offered me nitrous oxide gas and I had tried it for little but begged my husband to take it away because I just didn’t feel like myself and didn’t feel present. It made everything seem like a blur. Just after 4am, the nurse came in to check my dilation again and I was still only 7cm, but just as the doctor and nurses were leaving the room, I told them to check again and sure enough, I was fully dilated and his head was right there ready to go! I was able to get into a zone when pushing and our son was born at 4:23am. He weighed 7lbs. 6oz. and measured 21inches.

Funniest Memory?

When my daughter was born, she came out immediately facing me with her arms wide as if to say “I’ve finally arrived!!”. The nurses and our doctor all laughed and said they’d never seen anything like it.

What’s something you wish people knew about your kids?

I wish people knew just how sweet my son is with his little sister. He has a lovey that he absolutely adores and cannot sleep without but when his sister is crying for any reason, he will walk over, give her a kiss on her head and give her his lovey. First thing he likes to do when he gets up is to go to his sisters room and just watch her and tell her “Good morning”. We were always a little nervous that we was going to be extremely jealous and act out but he’s been just the opposite. 

What’s something that you wish people knew about you?

I wish people knew that I sometimes struggle with trying to keep things perfect all the time that it is extremely difficult for me to do anything for myself. I forget to take care of myself a lot of the time because I just want everyone around me to be happy.

What’s the biggest sacrifice of motherhood to you?

Definitely self care – I used to go to the salon regularly to go get my hair done but now I’m lucky if I was sneak in a shower. It’s been a process but I’ve been learning to lean on my husband more and not try to do everything myself so I can have a longer shower and sneak in a little “me” time. 

Name 3 things that you love most about being a mom?

love watching my kids learn new things and thrive, I love their laughter and I love the way my husband sees me in a new light since becoming a mother. 

Who does your tribe consist of, and what’s something that you wish they knew?

My tribe consists of myself, my husband, our dog (Scoobs), my parents and my in-laws. It sounds so typical but I wish they all knew just how much we value them. My parents are now retired and live close to us which has been amazing but I also wish that my in-laws were closer so they could be more involved with the kids to be able to watch them grow and thrive.

What lessons and values do you wish to instill in your children?

My hope is that my kids continue to love being outdoors and explore the world that is before them. I also hope that my kids are kind, happy and respectful people who try their best to live in the present. I know it isn’t always easy in this day and age.

Wisdom for other moms?

My advice for moms-to-be, is: Trust yourself, trust your instincts, keep an open mind and don’t believe everything you read because it doesn’t always apply to your baby/child. Google can be your best friend and your worst enemy. 

Can we follow you on social media?

If you’d like! I’m most active on Instagram (@once_upon_a_moynihan). You’ll see our day to day lives which consists of a lot of being a stay home mama (while on maternity leave).


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