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When I was pregnant with my second child, and huffing and puffing while trying to keep up with my busy toddler, Yvonne was there with authentic advice. “This is hard as hell” is what she said, which helped me get over my Mary Poppins fantasy, and allowed me the space to struggle and ask for help. I’m filled with gratitude for our friendship, I find Yvonne beautiful, intelligent and insightful… she is honest, and speaks about parenting in a way I find resonates with most moms, this is HARD! We should acknowledge that and set ourselves up with a solid support system. Thank you Yvonne for being honest and strong as hell!

Let’s Raise this Mother! – Cassandra Boom

Tell me about yourself

I’m a local winemaker and have been in the industry since 2007. I’m a food and drink enthusiast, prolific veggie consumer and consider myself a pretty awesome crafter (though I sometimes have problems finishing them all . I love reading and spending time outdoors, particularly at the beach. I’m a mom to two kids (Azalea 3, Remy 1) since 2015. 

Have you always wanted kids? If Not, when did that change?

Yes. I always pictured my life with kids. I wasn’t sure when that would happen but my husband and I finally decided it was time in 2015. 

Share your Birth Story and describe the Infancy stage of your kids

Both my children were a little bit difficult. My first, we struggled with breastfeeding initially (who knew that could be so hard?), and my second had “colic”.

Both came out of the womb super alert and didn’t want to miss a beat! My first was breech so I had a scheduled c-section despite all of my efforts to flip her. This was a pretty big disappointment for me and it was pretty strange to have a baby without ever going through any stages of labour. It was pretty surreal. My second I tried for a VBAC. I started having contractions and next thing you know my water broke. Everywhere! Thank god I was home. But after 33+ hours of labour, I still wasn’t making much progression and I couldn’t be induced. At that point I had a feeling things weren’t going to work out and I chose to have a c-section. I felt grateful that the decision was still in my hands. It turned out he was coming in a brow position and that was why he couldn’t really make much progress. Both were healthy which is really all you can ask for. 

Funniest Memory?

So many moments it’s hard to pinpoint one. When my second was colicky I gave up dairy and soy to see if that would help. My mom was visiting and made dinner for us that night. She forgot and put butter on almost everything.

Azalea said “oh it’s ok mom,my, you can have wine for dinner.” I burst out laughing, agreed and it certainly lightened the mood. The best funny memories are just my kids interacting together and making each other laugh though. 

What’s something that you wish people knew about your kids?

Their personalities. My daughter is really shy and quiet and very much an introvert. At home with us though she’s tons of fun and really animated. I think society often expects everyone to have a really extroverted and social personality which is a shame. My second, though still young seems to be the opposite. He loves people and is loud and such a ham sometimes. He puts on a good show out in public. 

What’s something that you wish people knew about you?

I’m actually pretty shy and reserved though some people may not realized that. I’ve been in hospitality for so long that I’ve learned to push past that. Once you get to know me I probably seem the opposite and can be the life of the party. I equally use both sides of my brain, both analytical and artistic.

I’m not the perfect mom. I try hard but struggle a lot with that “job” and try to do the best I can. 

What’s the biggest sacrifice of motherhood for you? How are you coping?

Sleeeeeppp! Omg, I miss sleep. I’m not sure how I cope. Coffee? Naps when I can. You lose a little of yourself becoming a mother. It changes you. You also gain a whole other side to yourself too. It’s a constantly evolving role. I try to find time for me. I need those moments where I am more than just a mom. Some time to read, a dinner out with friends, or just relaxing with some wine and Netflix. Thankfully I have the most supportive and equally involved husband that does everything he can to help our family thrive. 

What do you love most about being a mom?

Watching our children develop and learn new things. I swear every week they are learning something new and it happens so fast! Discovering childhood fun all over again. Board games, silly songs, activities. Also, the never ending reciprocal love.

They say it takes a village to raise children, name your tribe.

My favourite mom quote is “it takes a village and a vineyard”. We are thankful that we have very involved grandparents and aunt and uncles that are always happy to step in, help out, take the kids, whatever. It makes date nights possible and eases the tough times. My mom friends are also indispensable! Always there to talk and share and do activities together with our families. It makes life easier and enjoyable. My workplace has also been super supportive too making things flexible and of course keeping me stocked with wine (perks of being a winemaker). Lots of friends from my job that are there for me. I hope they all know how much we appreciate them!

What lessons and values do you hope to instill in your child?

Eat your veggies! (Still working on that)Be kind and empathetic because you never know what someone is going through. Never stop learning! I hope they can be confident and value themselves growing up. Try to have fun and do what you love. 

Advice for future moms?

follow your mama instinct. Reach out for advice and help. People are always willing. Support other moms! Within my mom tribe we all do things differently and that’s ok. Everyone is doing what they feel is best and works for them. Even if it’s something you wouldn’t do, that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Appreciate the differences. 

May we follow you on Social Media?

You can find me on Instagram at @cellarmonkey sharing content about my kids, food and of course wine. 


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