Operation Sustainable Human – A Bite-Sized Review

This book seeks to remedy these concerns. It is a straight talking, clearly referenced, scientific guide. It will not pretend that the climate crisis is not all that bad, nor will it propose that simply remembering to turn off the lightbulb is sufficient.

Operation Sustainable Human – Chris MacDonald

Full title

Operation Sustainable Human – A Four-Step Scientific Guide To Combat Climate Change (High impact made simple)

Author tidbit

Chris Macdonald is a scientist and author who created this book as a part of a non-profit sustainability project. For every copy of Operation Sustainable Human sold, 10 trees will be planted by Trees.org. Any additional income will be used to help combat the ecological crisis & climate change. Follow him on Instagram @ChrisMacdonaldOfficial for his latest projects.

Who’s it written for?

Earthlings, Homo sapiens and every living being who will be impacted by the demise of thus planet.

In short, the mission of this book is ambitious yet simple: to make it as easy as possible to make a highly significant positive difference in a short timeframe — to assist those who want to do their part to help combat the climate and ecological crisis.

Operation Sustainable Human – Chris MacDonald

What it’s about?

The book identifies 4 achievable steps we can take to effectively combat climate change.

If you search online for possible climate action items you can find some rather hefty to do list such as 101 things you can do to save the planet. When studying these lists, I noticed they tended to be an efficient, and they often missed out on some of the most significant offenders.

Operation Sustainable Human – Chris MacDonald

3 key Takeaways

1. Most climate action lists are terrible and focus on the wrong things. This isn’t one of those.

2. We can be a part of positive history.

3. Whether or not the climate crisis is real it’s up for debate. Ignoring science is irresponsible.

1 Pro?

The book is factual, relevant and very well-written. It sticks to the facts.

1 Con?

Operation Sustainable Human is very short book that can be read during your lunch-break. This is only a con for me because when books are this good, I greedily want more of it.

There’s still time to be on the right side of history

Operation Sustainable Human – Chris MacDonald

Cop it or drop it?

Cop it. Buy operation sustainable human for the entire classroom and plant a whole forest while you do so! This could be it, this could be the guide we’ve all been looking for to make real change. It’s empowering to hear a scientifically-based 4-step guide that is not only doable, but almost effortlessly so.


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