Operation Sustainable Human – 5 Quick Lessons

I don’t know about you but personally, for the last decade, the barrage of depressing news about the environment and climate has made remaining optimistic about the matter difficult. It’s made optimistic conversations with my kids about the future seem inauthentic. Enter Chris Macdonald stage right! His frank-yet-positive, well-researched guide is easy to understand and provides solid, actionable solutions. It’s an instructions manual for the salvation of the planet and answers the question all of us overwhelmed humans have been asking; “What can one person do?”

Here are 5 quick lessons from the book of the week – Operation Sustainable Human by Chris Macdonald

1 – Humans are responsible for global warming

Chris Macdonald is frank; we are the root cause of Global warming. There is no I believe in or I don’t believe in when it comes to global warming. Operation Sustainable Human is written by scientists, and sticks to the facts. Numbers don’t lie. Ignoring facts is simply choosing ignorance. Is global warming still being debated? Not in my circles! If I see someone on my Facebook feed spewing nonsense about this being a theory, I will kindly unfriend and block them along with the flat-earthers without hesitation. The fact is, we got ourselves into this mess, and it’s only natural that we get ourselves out if it

2 – .Pollution seriously harms and kills

How many oil spills do are happening right now? How many have been happening for years on end? Pollution is at an all-time high and it’s not only killing animals either! Operation Sustainable Human puts a magnifying glass on the pollution problem… everyone likes to throw the word around, almost playfully, but we should consider seeing it for what it truly means, it’s a  synonym for death. We are not immune to the effects of pollution, haven’t you seen the movie Wall-E? There is only so many landfills we can make. How much pollution do we have to drown into to realize that it’s an issue? Do we need to smell garbage constantly to notice how bad it is? Do we need to see more of it on the streets? At what point will we realize something needs to change?

Yes, our current situation is bad. Really, really, bad. Far worse that most people are aware. But, what stops it becoming astronomically, unimaginably worse, is the fact that we have proven solutions available to us.

Operation Sustainable Human – Chris MacDonald

3 – Rapid drastic change is needed

Operation Sustainable Human identifies the problems frankly, but also offers a 4 step solution to make effective change to our current conditions. Are they easy changes? No, however they are broken down and justified in such a way that despite some of them being more challenging than others, by helping us understand the severity of them, we can all conclude that a drastic change is in fact necessary, and fast! Christ Macdonald doesn’t mess around, but becoming comfortable with change is something we, as humanity, struggle with gravely. It doesn’t have to be our undoing.

4 – Ditch the “I’ll just buy a new one” mentality

One of the solutions I think will be most difficult for my family and I to adopt from Operation Sustainable Human is the “meh, let’s just get a new one on Amazon Prime” mentality. Chris Macdonald addresses hyper-consumerism and calls it what it is, an addiction. We are all like packrats, we continue to buy despite storage units being filled to the brim with things we don’t even remember we have. This is a problem that needs to be addressed. Maybe Marie Kondo can help us find joy with less, maybe our therapists can help us find satisfaction without constantly buying new trinkets and toys… but Chris Macdonald says, if we continue on the path that we’re on, it’s the state of the planet that will wake us up, harshly.

With fighting spirit, we can rise above the dominant harmful ideas of our time and be part of something incredibly powerful and positive – something we can be proud of

Operation Sustainable Human – Chris Macdonald

5 – Avoid fossil fuel travel as much as possible.

There is a female-liberation movement that I admit that I’ve been a little bit obsessed with as of late. The “I don’t catch feelings; I catch flights” movement or the “Solo-traveling woman” movement. I personally love to travel, and have done a ton of it in my lifetime, and continue to daydream about more and more of it in my future. This is nice and all, but transportation is one of the steps towards improving the state of the planet! Hearing the details about why that is in Operation Sustainable Human made me feel a tad guilty, I’ll admit that. Perhaps I should reevaluate what brings me joy, after all the old adage states that it’s not where you go it’s who you’re with that counts.

I’m realizing that the theme with my 5 lessons here is this: Maybe the happiness we are all searching for isn’t in an exciting new destination, nor is it in the next item that we’re going to buy. Our never-ending search for happiness needs to come from within, not without. .. or being without a certain “thing”. Perhaps the state of the planet says more about the miserable states of us, the humans that refuse to look in the mirror for answers, and have been brainwashed to believe that our happiness can be purchased somehow…. Either way, read the book!

It’s important and may inspire a philosophical questioning of your own, why do you currently live the way that you do and can you be different for the sake of your planet?


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