Oh Crap! Potty Training : A Bite-Sized Review


Oh Crap! Potty Training: Everything modern parents need to know to do it once and do it right.

“Walking and talking, learning to read and tie shoes and ride bike are all really cool milestones that we, as parents, look forward to. Potty training, however, fills us with dread, right? It shouldn’t.”

Jamie Glowacki: Oh Crap! Potty Training

Author Tidbit

Jamie Glowacki refers to herself as ‘the pied piper of poo‘ need I say more? She’s a mom, social worker and potty-training guru and if you told me she was a successful comedian, I’d believe you. Jamie has readers chuckle their way through the poop, as she gets to the bottom of it. (Pee what I did there?… yes I meant to write ‘pee’ there. No, I’m not quitting my day job). Her website describes her as ‘Kid lover, poo whisperer, and problem solver‘. Glowacki’s take on potty training was refreshingly straightforward and effective! Oh Crap! Potty Training was exactly what my family needed to help my brilliant-yet-stubborn toddler finally figure it out for myself.

Who’s it written for?

The book is written for anyone who is helping take care of a potty-training child. Bonus points if you’ve tried more than once and are starting to panic, this book is just what you need to relax through the poop (pun intended… There may be more poop jokes coming, you’ve been warned).

3 key takeaways

  1. There’s a magic trick that works: Drum roll please …it’s YOU. Well it could be at least. The way that you navigate this dark and stinky territory will either promote or hinder your child’s progress. The author really stresses this point because parents often get too emotionally involved with this. It’s okay love, it’s just poo.
  2. Waiting until your child is ready is a myth. Since the day your baby was born when they did their business, it got cleaned up for them. Though some children (always other people’s kids, never your own) express their readiness in plain English, most will not.
  3. You are an expert on your child: The author understands this, however she still tackles some big myths around potty training that society has led us to believe as truth. Let it be easy! Glowacki mentions all kinds of kids, yes even my stubborn little angel.

One of the coolest things I’ve discovered about potty training is that it’s your glimpse into how your child learns.

Jamie Glowacki – Oh Crap! Potty Training

1 pro

Jamie encourages parents to take the role of a scientist and study their child’s patterns. The results or your experiments then get specific instructions on how to proceed. As a science-lover, this approach was both enjoyable and interesting. It’s changed my teaching approach for my toddler and we’re both better for it.

1 con

Oh Crap! Potty Training is heavy on the diaper jokes. I’m a fan of this kind of humor (poop jokes are the shit) they personally get me everytime because I’m a child at heart. That being said however, I could see some of my friends and family members cringing at some of this seemingly-endless bathroom humor.

Cop it or drop it?

Cop it. I should’ve read this book before starting but I succumbed to the pressure to get potty training going. Be better than me, read this book and make your life much easier.

Click above to buy it on amazon or share this book with friends! If you don’t have kids of your own I highly recommend this book to give as a gift for new-moms. It really does effectively get the job done.


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