Mindfulness for Children : A Review

Full Title

Mindfulness for children : Help your child be calm and content from breakfast to bedtime

There’s never been a better time to encourage the little people to develop their natural abilities to be wise, calm and mindful. This book is full of approachable yet effective ways to make mindfulness part of family life, whatever that looks like for you.

Rohan Gunatillake, Creator of Buddhify Mindfulness for children – Uz Afzal

Author Tidbit

Uz Afzal is an author and has been a teacher for twenty years. She is trained in Paws B Mindfulness in Schools Programme and in Teaching the Mindful Schools Curriculum. She was also selected to become a consultant for Goldie Hawn’s highly acclaimed MindUP programme. A women for women, she’s lead drop-in sessions at the Women of the Worked Festival and popular walking meditation workshops at the V&A Museum in London. She’s essentially a superhero with the power to inspire mindfulness everywhere she goes. Mindfulness for Children seems like a natural step for her.

This book is aimed at parents of primary school-aged children and the practices are written to appeal to children of this age. These practices can be used with all children, including children with additional or special needs.

Mindfulness for children – Uz Afzal

Target Market

Parents of children who can be described as Balls of energy or who have ever had hyper, overstimulated and wired children that have trouble settling down for naps or bedtime can all benefit greatly from Mindfulness for Children.

Research shows that children who, for whatever reason, score lowest on emotional self-regulatory scales actually drive the most benefit from mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness for children – Uz Afzal

3 Key takeaways

  1. Mindfulness isn’t only beneficial for adults
  2. Mindfulness can look like ANYTHING, there are many ways to do it
  3. Mindfulness is a very effective tool to help children find calmness

Recent research has also been showing how children with ADhD have benefited from practices similar to the ones in this book.

Mindfulness for children – Uz Afzal

1 Pro

This book is as inspiring as it is practical. I love a book that has practical exercises for parents to use, so you don’t have to do the guesswork on ‘how’ to apply its principles. You can’t mess it up, Mindfulness for Children is jam-packed with pages upon pages of mindfulness activities you can do with children.

Mindfulness is really simple to explain. It is the act of paying attention to our direct experience as it unfolds in the present moment and without judgement.

Mindfulness for children – Uz Afzal

1 Con

I wish Mindfulness for Children came with a CD or music of some sort to go with the exercises. I could see my child really getting into it if he could hear the waves I refer to in the exercise, that would’ve been above and beyond and already incredible book.

Mindfulness is not religious, it’s a secular practice. However, most religions do contain an element of mindful contemplation and some have practised in this way for a couple thousand years.

Mindfulness for children – Uz Afzal

Cop it or drop it

Cop it! Buy several copies of this book, because the price alone is WAY too low considering the quality and effectiveness of the activities that fill the pages of Mindfulness of Children! This was a gift and I continue to thank the person who gave it to me because I am going on day week 3 of consistent mindfulness activities before bed! They work so well that my son asks for my “relax-time voice” with my “special book“. It makes me feel like a wizard, I never imagined that my words could have the power to inspire such a deep state of relaxation that my son falls asleep every single time! Incredible.


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