Mindfulness for Children – 5 Quick Lessons

Mindfulness for children is a book worth noticing! I can’t believe how much fun the activities are for my child and how easy it is for me to facilitate. The benefits of mindfulness align with that of meditation as well, which means tremendous things for brain development.

These practices can be used with all children, including children with additional or special needs.

Mindfulness for Children – Uz Afzal

1- Accessible to all children

Mindfulness is awareness of the present moment. Anyone who’s aware can can practice mindfulness. Mindfulness for Children shares incredible studies on the effects of mindfulness on children with autism, Attention deficit disorders, speech delays and behavioral problems.

Research shows that children who, for whatever reason, score lowest on emotional self-regulatory scales actually derive the most benefit from mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness for Children – Uz Afzal

2- Very sensitive, emotional and Naughty by nature?

Mindfulness for Children is an absolutely perfect book for children who are prone to tantrums, meltdowns and other loud defiant responses. Emotions are complicated and often overwhelming for young kids. In fact, some of the most dramatic results actually derive from this group of sensitive children. Imagine witnessing your child prevent their own meltdown? This is the power of practicing mindfulness.

3- Mindful activities are very diverse

Anywhere from mindful chocolate eating, dancing to breathing! Mindfulness for Children is as diverse as our children are, and many of the activities are short and sweet! The author of the book, Uz Afzal, encourages parents to modify the activities as they see fit for their children. Use “unicorns” instead of “horses” i visualization activities if it’s appropriate for your child. You have a ton of flexibility here, this is an opportunity to connect with your child in a profound and important way.

4. Use your voice

Your voice is very soothing to your child, milk it. You can almost lull them into a meditative state with your voice. Aim for deep, elongated and breathy words, tell them to relax with the tone of your voice. This effective tool gives you the ability to pull out “the voice” like a nifty tool.

5. Be patient

Mindfulness for Children reminds us to be patient with our kids and to Start slowly. This isn’t about forcing your children to do something that you want to them to do. This is about trying an activity together that you can both enjoy and gain from. Meet them where they are, and work from there.

5 lessons is nothing compared to the magnificent whole of this wonderful book. So please don’t stop here! Buy Mindfulness for Children, it’s an incredible price for something that you’ll quickly begin to use on a daily basis.


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