MasterChef Junior Bakes – A Review

Merry Christmas! What a fantastic excuse to bake with the kids! Enjoy this very fitting book review of MasterChef Junior Bakes.

Full Book Title

MasterChef Junior Bakes : Bold Recipes and Essential Techniques to Inspire Young Bakers.

When I was a kid I wanted to have my own bakery.

Christina Tosi – MasterChef Junior Bakes

Author Tidbit

There are many many co-authors of this book, so I will focus on Christina Tosi, as she wrote the amazing forward and makes several appearances throughout the book. She’s one of the rare people that actually stuck to their childhood goals and fulfilled them! Owner of Milk Bar bakery, she often bounces from office to the bakery and back with flour in her hair, red converse sneakers on her feet and a smile on her face… you know, the same one you would have if you accomplished your dreams.

A lot of books will tell you that baking is about science and precision…

Christina Tosi – MasterChef Junior Bakes

Who’s it written for?

Anybody who wants to learn the essentials of baking. Bonus points for parents, grandparents and caretakers of kids!

What’s it about?

MasterChef Junior bake is actually about pandas. Kidding. Like the title suggests, it’s about baking deliciousness from scratch. It’s unbelievable how simple some of the recipes are! We really build things up in our minds eye.

3 Key Takeaways

1 – Children can bake with your guidance.

2 – Baking can be a very playful activity to do with kids.

3 – Things aren’t as hard to make as you think they are!

The Chefs are young, but they are legit.

Christina Tosi – MasterChef Junior Bakes

1 Pro

MasterChef Junior Bakes really breaks down every recipe and technique in a way that’s understandable, unintimidating and accessible! Imagine making your own flaky pastry dough with less than 5 ingredients? It also states what season of the show you can find the recipe on, I haven’t shown my son the show yet, but it’s an option.

1 Con

The show does a great job at showing the vulnerability of the kids, you can see it in their stressed expressions and their race to make the final touches before the buzzer goes off. I wish some of that was expressed in the book, a note from the baker about what they struggled with most and how they overcame it!

These kids inspire me, I hope they inspire you, too.

Christina Tosi – MasterChef Junior Bakes

Cop it or Drop it?

Cop it! My 3.5 year old and I have been baking up a delicious storm! The pictures in the book are amazing, and he chooses a new recipe every time! It’s amazing to share such a special activity with a child, the entire house benefits from the deliciousness we concoct.


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