MasterChef Junior Bakes – 5 Quick Lessons

Master Chef Junior has been a delicious book to read with the kids! The holidays are a perfect excuse for some extra baking as well. Here are 5 quick lessons from MasterChef Junior Bakes

1 – You can bake from scratch!

MasterChef Junior Bakes confirms the fact that baking from scratch Is not as difficult as we think it is! The recipes were made by kids and each has a special note from the Junior chef. If, like me, baking from scratch intimidates you, then please consider picking up this book to appease your fears.

2 – Kids learn to love cooking through baking.

If you wake me you have a fantasy of your child cooking you dinner, start with this book! MasterChef is a perfect book for kids to learn to bake! Most baking recipes have short cook times and all of them are absolutely delicious! It also offers one of the most dramatic before and after situations! Ie. dough turning into cookies and cakes is a magical phenomenon for my 3.5. Year old, which is beautiful to me.

3 – Kids can be very helpful in the kitchen!

MasterChef Junior Bakes is based on a TV show MasterChef Junior. Each recipe is also associated with a specific episode that is indicated on the recipe page itself. I haven’t done this for all of the recipes but for some of them I think it helps to watch the episode that feature the recipe to get a little more inspiration. The fact that it’s kids doing all the work empowers him to do the same so when we read through all of the directions we associate who is going to do wet obviously if there’s something involving a machine that he doesn’t understand or sharp knives, I do those things, but he does all of the rest with my guidance. Sometimes even the things that were assigned to me, he quickly learns how it’s done and takes over the task.

4 – baking doesn’t have to be unhealthy.

I am the queen of substitutes when it comes to baking. masterChef Junior bakes encourage his reader to modify the recipes as necessary because there’s allergies and the gluten intolerance is that all come into play. One thing I struggle with is getting my child to stop eating Raw dough. Instead of worrying so much I started using vegan eggs instead of real eggs you can do this with either flax seed or Chia seeds and none of the recipes miss the eggs. As lovers of scrambled eggs in the morning that saves us more eggs for scrambled eggs. Modifying the unrefined sugars to healthier sugars such as maple syrup that is filled with antioxidants among other medicinal properties is another good idea for turning baked goods into a more healthy snack.

5 – baking will quickly become the child’s favorite activity.

I had no idea how much he would take to this book and to the activity that we learned to enjoy together in the kitchen. MasterChef Junior bakes is such a beautiful book filled with amazing photos of people having fun baking and delicious foods. Because of this, I find myself cooking and baking with my child every single day and it’s been wonderful to add this to our repertoire and another agent to bond with him over! I highly recommend this book if you have children in your life that can join you in the wonderful world of baking.


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