Love letter to my husband on our anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my best friend, favorite dance partner & parenting partner. Married for 6 years, together for 11 years already 😱.⁣

When I met you, you didn’t dance, but learned because of how happy dancing made me.⁣

When you met me, I didn’t hike or camp #cityslicker but I’ve learned to appreciate, respect and love the outdoors with your guidance.⁣

You were an extreme introvert and many wondered about how quiet and uncertain you seemed. Now you’re gregarious, hilarious and your confidence flows in abundance😏. #Iseeyoubaby ⁣

You’ve inspired me with the passion you have for your work. I’ve been on a quest to discover my own passions let’s see where they take me. 😁📚📖📝👩🏾‍🏫👩🏾‍💻.⁣

Dylan, we have grown and evolved into smarter, more tolerant and much more care-free versions of ourselves. Also dare I say we’re quite beautiful too 😁🦋🦋.⁣

You’ve helped me grow in important ways and I’ve never been this open-minded before. ⁣#staywoke

Thank you! For proving to me on a daily basis that love never fades. Thank you for reading my mind and speaking the words I have yet to say. Thank you for the constant compromise to ensure that we both feel heard, seen and relaxed in our roles as parents. ⁣

You are the reason I tell everyone I know (and their aunties), to marry their best friend. 🥰⁣

Thank you for showing me what a good dad looks like, I grew up without a consistent example of that. 😁⁣

You’ve instantly accepted the parts of myself that I hid from the world which has challenged me with a journey of self-acceptance and love that I didn’t know I needed to go on.👩🏿‍🔬⁣

What an adventure my life is thanks to you. ⁣

I’ve recently been asked who the most intelligent person I knew was and I answered “my husband” without hesitation. ⁣

You have a gift and I’m honored that you share it with me and your sons in abundance. May we continue to grow and evolve together until these boys outgrow us both and help us retire early with their athletic prowess #LordHearMyPrayer 😁 ⁣

We are blessed my dear! Cheers to being giggly, winking and dancing-to-no-music kind of newlyweds forever. Cheers to happily ever after! 🥰 I appreciate your consistency Dylan.


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