Jedi-mom Trick # 34

The Jedi-mom trick of the day (swipe ⬅️) was brought to you by 🥞!⁣

My threenager is bossy anyways! 😩 ⁣

So I’ve began challenging him to make more choices. ⁣

For example: He often decides what meals we eat, and what movies we enjoy as a family.⁣

He’s even getting better at considering others in his decisions. ⁣

Today, when he decided it was a pancake breakfast day, he also insisted we make a “baby pancake” for his baby brother, Ollie.⁣

The way his eyes lit up when I showed him the result 🥰 is the kind of magical-mom-moment that I live for. 😍 #oxytocin⁣

And the PURE JOY he expressed when the baby devoured it?😭😍🥰⁣

Let’s just say it’s been a cute and slow morning today.⁣

All of that joy rippling out of a choice he made. 🥞⁣

WhatDayIsIt #socialdistancing


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