Influencer – A Bite-sized book review

What exactly are influencers and why are they important… and most importantly CAN I MAKE MONEY on Instagram too?! Influencers are real people who have cracked the code and found a way to get money and free stuff from building their social media currency (gaining notable amounts of followers)! Is this some kind of magic trick? Turns out it isn’t! Brittany Hennessy gives us the skinny on how to build our brand and earn income on social media! Here is a quick review for her book Influencer.

Full title

Influencer – Building Your Personal Brand in the Age of Social Media

I love to give advice and decided to put my journalism degree to use, so I decided to write this book.

Influencer – Brittany Hennessy

Author tidbit

Brittany Hennessy is a blogger-turned-superstar that helps influencers make money. her official title is an influencer marketing expert. Whether you need help with your branding, or could use some coaching to develop your social media influence, she has got you covered! There’s a reason why she’s been featured in so many magazines, her presence is incredible! Both online and in person, she’s the perfect person to help you with yours.

When you work on campaigns you’re dealing with an entirely different animal, the brand

Influencer – Brittany Hennessy

Who’s it written for?

Anyone curious about branding and social media influence. Bonus points for: Aspiring influencers, bloggers and content creators.

A good influencer would never promote something she wouldn’t organically share, even if she’s being paid by a brand.

Influencer – Brittany Hennessy

What it’s about?

3 Takeaways

1. ‘Influencer’ is a legitimate source of income.

2. You don’t need thousands of followers to be successful as an influencer.

3. There are no shortcuts but there are avoidable mistakes!

Many people think you need to have a million followers to make good money as an influencer but that’s just not true!

Influencer – Brittany Hennessy

1 Pro?

This book is PRACTICAL! She gives so many examples of different pages that showcase what she’s referring to. She’s not a fan of jargon, she avoids acronyms and gives the information in a way the majority can understand it. Oh, and she’s funny, I found myself giggling through the lessons!

1 Con?

With books like these it’s hard to avoid information you’ve heard before: or information that sounds like generic blanket statements that make you want to roll your eyes. In Example: “be authentic”.

‘I wear clothes, eat avocado toast and like sunsets, WHY NOT ME?”

Influencer – Brittany Hennessy

Cop it or drop it?

Cop it! You are definitely able to become an influencer and this book will help you get there. It’s a practical guide for aspiring influencers that will help you achieve your goals. If you know a blogger, gift them a copy!


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