Influencer – 5 Book Quotes explained

What exactly are influencers and why are they important?

In general, an influence is someone who has influence on social media. Something about them draws in the masses.

Influencer – Brittany Hennessy

There are people getting paid up to 6 figures a year for promoting different brands on their personal social media pages!

The book of the week: Influencer – Building your social brand in the age of social media by Brittany Hennessy answers the “who, what, when, where and how and why” of influencer marketing, an important marketing strategy that leverages real-peoples social media account and following numbers to make a sort of virtual “word-of-mouth” sale.

Now I dont know about you, but as a an avid user of social media I’m triggered by the fact that I’m doing it for free while others have found a way to make an honest living from it. I picked this book to thinking “why not me!?” And Brittany Hennessy does not disappoint. Here are 5 quick quotes and lessons I’ve learned from her practical guide, Influencer.

1 – Why do influencers get paid?

Whether they have a lot of followers or really high engagement When she speaks, her audience listens, they act and most importantly to brands, they buy.

Influencer – Brittany Hennessy

In the Social Media world, the word ‘influencer’ is Most commonly described for someone who has clout through her digital channels, or as some like to call it (social currency). Essentially, you are seen as more valuable based on the amount of followers and engagements you’re able to spark on social media.

2 – What if I don’t have many followers?

Many people think you need to have a million followers to make good money as an influencer but that’s just not true!

Influencer – Brittany Hennessy

If you’re interested in becoming an influencer, follower count isn’t the only important factor to consider. Content and consistency will suffice! Consider posting everyday and improving your photo quality.

3 – Engage your audience!

It is so important to interact with your subscribers to build a relationship and a community

Influencer – Brittany Hennessy

building your community will help you come up with a brand name, create content worth double tapping and show you how to maintain and engage community.

4 – What to share with audience?

I’ve shared the good, the bad and the ugly with my audience and I think there’s a level of respect and appreciation that I have gained by doing so.

Influencer – Brittany Hennessy

Your authenticity will shine through and resonate, so be honest.

5 – But how can I get paid?

When you have goals, it’s funny how things happen for you”. Most girls are possible but you need to be realistic about timing

Influencer – Brittany Hennessy

If you build it, they will come rings true for social media. Create consistent content and focus on engaging your followers. Respond to what’s working and modify what isn’t working by using the built in tools that most social media platforms include. Lastly, have fun. If this is a tedious job for you, it shows. If you’re not enjoying it, maybe it’s not for you.

There you have it! Social currency is still a fairly new concept but it’s not secret that it’s gaining real momentum in the marketing world. This book will help you understand a branch of digital marketing that is still in its infancy of potential! Don’t underestimate the power of an influencer.


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