I Am Goddess : Bite-sized Book Review

In the world that have coined the term “stay woke” (Thanks Childish Gambino), it makes me wonder what it truly means to be “awakened”.

There’s a movement happening right under our noses; women all around us are stepping into their power and referring to them selves as goddesses. If anything I am greatly intrigued by this movement and want to learn more. Can I be a goddess too? What does it mean? How exactly does it work? This book came into my life at the perfect time. Enjoy the bite sized-sections of the book review for I Am Goddess by Rev. Natalie Love

Full title

I am Goddess – A Journey of Awakening

When we look at things with positive thoughts and an attitude of gratitude, we can see the magic and beauty that fills our lives.

I am Goddess – Rev. Natalia Love

Author tidbit

Natalia Love is a metaphysical teacher, healer, minister, and inspirational leader in her community. She’s an awesome mother of four children have that has helped countless people on the healing journeys since 2002.

Allowing ourselves to see beyond the struggles and see what is going right and change your perspective when we face the struggles again.

I am Goddess – Rev. Natalia Love

Who’s it written for?

This book is intended for everyone who is drawn to it. Man woman young or, the wisdom within the pages of this book are inspiring for all.

Keeping a gratitude journal is helpful For staying in alignment with our greatness.

I am Goddess – Rev. Natalia Love

What it’s about?

I am Goddess is about embracing the goddess we all possess within ourselves (whether we believe it or not) and allowing it to fully awaken. While sharing her own journey, the author overcame major hurdles in a very empowering way and teaches us how to do the same by adopting the appropriate mindset, that of a goddess.

We have been taught that it is selfish to look after our own needs, and that we need to put others first.

I am Goddess – Rev. Natalia Love

3 Takeaways

1. You are bigger than your fears.

2. Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s necessary.

3. You are powerful beyond belief.

1 Pro?

I am Goddess reads very well, she is a great storyteller, and I practically inhaled this book because I couldn’t put it down.

Each of us needs different things to find balance.

I am Goddess – Rev. Natalia Love

1 Con?

Not long enough! With books such as these I always crave more than what is given. Perhaps that’s just my personal preference for lengthy books! This book is about the size of a pocketbook.

When we are able to forgive others, we will leave these toxic chemicals from ourselves and parties and can prove her heart, both physically and mentally.

I am Goddess – Rev. Natalia Love

Cop it or drop it?

Definitely cop it! I am Goddess is well worth the read it is enlightening it is empowering you will finish this book and want to take over the world. I love that a change my perspective on everything in my life it also taught me how to reconnect with mindfulness practices for those times I’m feeling overwhelmed stressed and overworked. I couldn’t be more grateful to the author for writing a book that has the potential to help millions of people.


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