I am Goddess – 5 Book Quotes

The following 5 quotes from the book I am Goddess stood out for me.

I want you to know that no matter your background, no matter what you have gone through, and no matter what others may say about you, you can overcome every Barrier that is hindering you.

Each hardship that comes our way is an opportunity for us to grow. Though we may be afraid or angry during difficult times, we can usually see the value in this truck open to make it through the darkness in the foot ahead and gift the struggle held.

Her ability to endure such pain was also her downfall, because it prevented her from asking for help.

The word forgive means “to release the desire of power to punish.” Forgiveness is all about setting ourselves free.

When we hold resentment, we want the other person to be punished in someway. Usually, there’s no way for them to receive the punishment we feel they deserve, and even if someone does receive punishment, we rarely feel any relief. The punishment will not relieve the pain, because the punishment has nothing to do with us.


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