Elevating Child care – A bite-sized book review


A Guide to Respectful Parenting

Author tidbit

Since discovering her work, I often think “What would Janet Lansbury do?” when encountered with a new parenting challenge. Everything about her is soothing, including her calm and melodic voice on her podcast, Unruffled. If this sounds like a love letter, it definitely is; her perspective on parenting is like a deep breath of fresh air. Take a look for yourself on her blog, podcast and of course the book of the week, Elevating Parenting.

“I looked forward to motherhood all my life and thought that caring for a baby would happen naturally. Instead, I soon found out that I had no clue.”

Janet Lansbury – Elevated Childcare

Who’s it written for?

This book is for anyone that has ever been frustrated by their young child.

What it’s about? 

It’s about learning to remain calm, even in the face of the most loud and ferocious toddler meltdowns.

3 takeaways

1. Even the most unruly toddlers aren’t “bad”, I promise you.

2. Improving the way that you communicate with your child will change everything.

3. Even the most reactive ‘hot-head’ parents can apply what this book has to offer.

1 Pro?

Janet Lansbury is famous for a reason, because this isn’t nonsense! Everything I’ve tried from this book has worked like a charm for me. It’s unbelievable how easy parenting a baby, and a toddler can be if you let it. This book does a great job at detailing what most of us are doing to make life more difficult, and how we could change that.

1 Con?

The book is short. This could be considered a pro for some, but when a book is this well-written, you have an insatiable desire for more of it. It’s much shorter than other parenting books.

Cop it or drop it?

Read this book, and follow her podcast for some practical and effective advice on parenting babies and toddlers (and beyond).



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