Darling You Can’t Do Both : A Bite-Sized Review

Full Title

Darling You Can’t Do Both: And Other Noise To Ignore On Your Way Up

Our story is a counterintuitive one. Wwe spent our advertising careers breaking rules, challenging the status quo and prodding others to do the same. But rather than punishment, we found reward, with even-bigger leadership roles.

Janet Kestin, Nancy Vonk – Darling You Can’t Do Both

Author tidbit

Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk are two women you should familiarize with yourself with, because they’re brilliant. They’re the badass dynamic duo behind the game-changing Dove Real Beauty Campaign, that involved the rapid doing, and undoing of a photoshopped model (See video below). This was iconic in the best way! These women are incredibly talented, and want to know the best part? They did it all while doing what most of us are doing now: juggling multiple roles. Darling You Can’t Do Both – And other Noise to ignore on your way up gets real about sexism in the workplace, how women and men can improve it, and why it matters. Despite that the authors candidly share how they’ve managed to thrive against all odds, while shattering expectations and glass ceilings on your way to the top.

Who’s it written for?

Anyone that’s ever felt as if they were “too ambitious” because they wanted it all, a family, a career, and an enjoyable life. Bonus points if you’re a mom

…Ironic, considering that we started as two women who had exactly no ambition to be the leaders of anything; we just wanted to do good work, enjoy life with friends and family and have fun along the way.

Janet Kestin, Nancy Vonk – Darling You Can’t Do Both

What’s it about?

The title says it all, thinking you have to choose between being “A good mom”and “A career-driven woman” is a false. Your life isn’t an ultimatum, the balance you seek is attainable, this book is a practical guide to help women navigate an often, sexist corporate landscape.

3 Takeaways

  1. We have to address the elephant in the room, its a sexist world.
  2. Self-sabotaging behaviors can be avoided once you acknowledge them
  3. There’s still a lot of work to do

1 Pro?

The book is smart, funny and the information seems quite practical. The authors of Darling You Can’t do Both are marketing and advertising experts, so the book reads very well, it’s genuinely entertaining.

1 Con?

These women broke rules, and basically demanded respect, and flexibility at work with confidence. I wish they spent a tad more time on the process before doing such a bold and seemingly impossible task. It takes real guts! If I don’t feel like I have that, am I hopeless?

Cop it or drop it?

Cop it. I read this when I was debating if I wanted to mother children (or just stick to cats). Part of me felt I needed to wait until certain things lined up, my career being front and centre. I was thankful for the authenticity of this guide because they admit that it won’t be easy, but most things that are worth it aren’t.

I’m very grateful to have received this gem of a book as a gift! I paid it forward happily. This book is just that, a gift, and would be a wonderful idea for a new mom, a woman starting a new job, a new graduate or even a teenage girl that could use an amazing pep-talk about life. Click on the link above for a free preview, and don’t forget to share it on your favorite social media platforms, this book is a game changer.


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