Dare to Lead – A Bite-sized book review

If you are not in the area getting your ass kicked on occasion, I am not interested in, or open to your feedback. There are one million cheap seats in the world today, filled with people who will never be brave with their own lives, but who will spend every ounce of energy they have hurling advice and judgment at those of us who are trying to dare greatly.

Brené Brown- Dare to Lead

Author tidbit

(Cassandra) Brené Brown uses three words to describe herself on her website : Researcher, Storyteller, Texan. She’s a fantastic speaker and writer that has popularized the concept of vulnerability, shame and empathy and how they relate to courage. She’s also an educator, she teaches at the university of Houston and the author of 5 #1 New York Time Bestselling books, including Dare to Lead. Her TedX talk on vulnerability went viral a few years ago, she also has a fantastic Netflix special– A Call To Courage. All-in-all, she’s an intelligent, inspiring, and accomplished woman who somehow manages to be extremely relatable!

Target Market

Human beings. Everyone can benefit from Dare To Lead. Bonus points: a person in a leadership role to some capacity (moms count).

What it’s about?

In Dare To Lead, Brown speaks about the human experience as it relates to the corporate world. She shares 7-year research results and insights from her university on the future of leadership and how it relates to vulnerability.

Three key takeaways

1. Vulnerability is not weakness, it’s courage.

2. Not everyone is worthy of providing you with feedback and criticism.

3. Leadership of all kinds can benefit from practicing vulnerability.

The bottom line: I believe that you have to walk through vulnerability to get to courage, therefore . . . embrace the suck. I try to be grateful every day and my motto right now is “Courage over comfort.”

Brené Brown- Dare to Lead

1 Pro?

It’s an entertainingly insightful read! Lots of quotable insights, and a surprising amount of laughs as well. She is a professional storyteller and it shows.

1 Con?

The lessons surrounding vulnerability is learned fairly quickly and early in the book. The rest of the book describes several stories of how companies have applied it. I could see how this could be redundant to some, (but it honestly doesn’t bother me).

Cop it or drop it?

Cop it! Buy 2 copies and gift it to a friend! It’s incredible how much I’ve benefited from having read this fantastic book!


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