Can’t Hurt Me – A Bite-Sized Review

Full Title

Can’t Hurt Me – Master your mind and Defy the Odds

Very few people even bother to ty to control the way their thoughts and doubts bubble up. The vast majority of us are slaves to our minds. Most don’t even make the first effort when it comes to managing their thought process because it’s a never-ending chore, impossible to get right every time.

Can’t Hurt Me – David Goggins

Author Tidbit

David Goggins is an American ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, triathlete, motivational speaker and author. In short, he’s a superhuman. He is a retired US Navy SEAL and former US Air Force Tactical Air Control Party member who served in the War in Afghanistan and the Iraq War. Most importantly, he is a survivor of a traumatic, abuse-ridden childhood and a bullying victim that refused to keep the “victim mentality” and changed his own life for the better by mastering his mind.

Target Market

Can’t Hurt Me is for anyone that has ever attempted something and either given up, or wanted to. Anyone struggling through life right now and looking for a way to gain control of a certain aspect they struggle with. Essentially, this book is for everyone (PG 13) we can all learn from it.

What’s it about?

The title says it all, Can’t Hurt me is about developing the kind of mind that doesn’t cower in front of adversity and challenges; the kind of mentality that doesn’t use past struggles as an excuse, instead uses it as fuel to propel someone forward and gain an advantage on others.

Your past, your deepest fears have a way of going dormant before springing back to life at double strength. You must remain vigilant

Can’t Hurt Me – David Goggins

Three key takeaways

1 – You may be standing in your own way between you and the successful outcome you desire.

2 – Your struggles can be harnessed and used as fuel if you change your perspective.

3 – There is nothing you cannot attain, you are limitless.

Doing things, even small things that make you uncomfortable will help make you strong. The more often you get uncomfortable, the stronger you become. And soon v you’ll develop a more productive can do dialogue with yourself in stressful situations.

Can’t Hurt Me – David Goggins

1 Pro

Can’t Hurt Me is unbelievably inspirational and well written book. I’m also a fan of books that have challenges in them that force you to get started on your goals before finishing it. It forced me to think of my own limits and how I’ve been contributing to them instead of mastering them to fuel my goals.

1 Con

Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins is harsh, it’s graphic, it’s not for the faint of heart. Unfortunately I fall into the faint of heart category and a few parts made me sick to my stomach! His experiences have been unbelievably challenging and he has overcome what most would refer to as absolutely impossible!

Motivation is crap! It’s just a bit of kindling. Some people will read this and feel motivated, but then they’re gonna gage a bad day and their motivation is going to be fucking gone. I realized that I had to be more than motivated, more than driven. I had to become obsessed to the point where people thought I was fucking NUTS!

Can’t Hurt Me – David Goggins

Cop it or Drop it

Cop it! Buy this book! Christmas is coming, and men are often difficult to shop for…hint hint! Can’t Hurt Me is a gift to all that have the pleasure of reading it though. Though this is for everyone (clearly) I can see men specifically, greatly appreciating this raw, harsh, no bs book because David Goggins is essentially a real-life G.I. Joe, and a hero to all. We are not worthy yet, but upon reading this book we an develop the mindset to get there! Thank you David Goggins for this monumental book!


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