Can’t hurt me – 5 Quick Lessons

Can’t hurt me is a book I hope everyone reads!It’s most definitely a mindset-restarting book that will help you master your own mind like an expert. Here are 5 quick lessons you can find in the noteworthy book Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins.

If you were hurt or are still in harms way tell the story and give your pain as shape. Absorb its power because you’re about to flip that shit. You will use your story, this list of excuses, these very good reasons why you shouldn’t amount to a damn thing to fuel your ultimate success.

1 – Write your story down in a journal.

if you don’t have one find one or use a digital one. Write you story from the beginning, what memories stand out? What was the general mood/energy of your childhood? In Can’t Hurt Mee, David Goggins not only shares what seems like every detail of his life no matter how gruesome or painful that may be to hear, and he encourages readers to do the same for closure, self-understanding and therapy.

If you’re into social media, post your story (it a part of it) and use the hashtags #badhand #Canthurtme

2 – Enough with the pity party

“Everyone gets challenged in life at some point what was your bad hand? were you beaten? Abused? believe? or maybe you were limiting factor was that you grew up so supported and comfortable that you never pushed yourself.”

David Goggins challenges the limits of the body time and time again in his life despite everything he’s been through! His personal story is one of great tragedy, perseverance and unbelievable success. He honed into his own pain and suffering to find that there was strength hidden in there! Strength he could use to achieve great things.

3 – Motivation is crap, develop self-discipline instead.

It’s easy to be motivated when life is easy, and you’re feeling great. But unfortunately the harsh reality is often life is difficult and most of us don’t feel so great all the time. Motivation comes and goes in such a volatile way that In Can’t Hurt Me David Goggins says it’s “crap”! It doesn’t stand a chance against strong self-discipline! So make a plan, and execute the plan on both good days when you feel motivated and bad days when you feel unmotivated. In fact, he challenges himself to push extra hard on those bad days when motivation seems impossible to come by.

“I felt both worthless and helpless as my endless stream of self-defeating thoughts picked up steam. When Depression smothers you, it blocks out all light and leaves you with nothing to cling onto for hope. All you see is negativity. For me, the only way to make it through that was to feed off my depression.”

4 – You cannot have a strong mind without a strong body and vise Versa!

Physical fitness is something a David Goggins didn’t always master. In fact, he was morbidly obese and stuck In a dead-end unfulfilling job and addicted to fast-food chocolate shakes. He pulled himself out of the haze that glued his days together in a giant, unpleasant blob and expressed in detail how he got there both physically and mentally. Stick to a workout plan and watch your mind change! This has been proven time and time again in the medical field, and David is living proof that it’s true. Exercise is a very effective way to combat depression and anxiety, he’s not only an advocate for this, he’s an ultra marathoner determined to continuously push the limits of his own strength.

“Doing things, even small things that make you uncomfortable will help make you strong. The more often you get uncomfortable, the stronger you become. And soon v you’ll develop a more productive can do dialogue with yourself in stressful situations.” #Discomfortzone #Pathofmostresistance #imposeibletask #Canthurtme”

5 – Get comfortable with discomfort.

David Goggins became an expert at overcoming his own discomforts. He did it so much that he started passionately pursuing things that made him feel uncomfortable. What he loved most about discomfort was how easily it could morph into strength, confidence and comfort once overcome. Has he failed? Of course he has, so has everyone else. Will that stop him? Of course not!

To conclude I’ll say what I always say: 5 small lessons can never even begin to summarize most books, especially one this great. Pick it up for yourself! Only $9 CAD on amazon prime.


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