Black Moms Truth

I felt this.⁣

Instead of an interview today, I wanted to bring extra special attention to this mama today @tainanaleitao was featured as a #momvoxmonday a few months ago.⁣

She voiced the above quote in her most recent post and it couldn’t resonate with me more.⁣

I firmly believe that Motherhood is a sisterhood. ⁣

Nothing connects women more than the shared experiences of pregnancy, birth, labor or adoption.⁣

As moms, did you picture #georgefloyd #ahmaudarbery & #trayvonmartin as YOUR son? ⁣

I did.⁣
And so did Tainana.⁣

Events like these simply affect us differently.⁣

Here is her message:

“Like many of you, for the last few days, I have been overwhelmed, exhausted both mentally and physically, angry, tired and hopeless to name a few.

I am heartbroken at the level of dehumanizing treatment black men and women receive, simply for being born. As a black woman, as a sister to a black man, having black friends, cousins and nephews, I am afraid.

As a mother of a black boy, I am terrified. I cannot begin to explain all of these emotions within me when I look at my sweet, loving, funny baby boy. The fact that I have to one day, take away his innocence, just in the hopes that he will never have to go through what all of us are going through right now, is disheartening. The fact that, having given birth to him has given him an automatic guilt, or in many cases that we are seeing, death sentence, is the worst feeling and no mother, no parent should ever feel that. The fact that I will have to have conversations on he should interact with police and people that will hate him for being black, shouldn’t have to be our reality, but here we are, again and again and again.

At this moment, seeing so much anger from our people, seeing so much hate from the institutions that should protect us, is baffling, but it shouldn’t be right? Because this is nothing new, we are simply seeing it more and truly tired of nothing changing.

So as many of you, I do feel hopeless most days, and other days, extremely helpless. But, for us, for our sons and daughters and nieces and nephews, we have to be better and do better, and keep hoping things will change.”

Let’s support one another during this time of mourning. ⁣

Thank you so much for sharing Tainana ❤️🙏🏾 I’m with you.


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