Bite-Sized Book Reviews: Explained

Get on with it! Get to the point!

– Me about most things.

As an avid reader with a chaotic-life braving the endless hats that were hidden in the fineprint of motherhood, time became precious. I didn’t want to waste it reading a book that wasn’t for me, nor did I want to waste it reading long-winded reviews somewhere else online. I created bite-sized reviews for people like me, who barely have time to read, let alone find out if a book is right for them beforehand. These reviews are to the point, so you can skim through it at the bookstore without holding up the line.

“How the heck do you find the time to read with 2 young kids?”

– Things people ask me

Easy, instead of spending an eternity wondering what to read, I’ve build up an entire library of books based on recommendations from friends.

I’m essentially creating the book review collection that I haven’t found yet, one that cuts the fluff and gets right to the point.

They’re composed of the questions that I usually have about books when asking for recommendations.

A review that’s short & sweet like our kids are… sometimes

This is what I wanted, so this is what I’ve created. It’s that simple.

The other OTHER #BSBookReview


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