How Not to Hate your Husband After Kids : A Bite-sized book review

Author tidbit

Jancee Dunn is a no-nonsense superhuman with quite the hypothetical hat collection, namely; she’s a mom, a journalist, a former VJ and is best known for her work with Oprah Magazine and the Rolling Stone (you may have heard of those). I could easily add “comedian” to the list based on this book alone, hilarious.

Who’s it written for?

This book is written for any couple that either has children or wants them in the future. Bonus points: if you’re mom who feels like an overworked broken record that could use more help from your husband.

What it’s about?

Becoming a parent is most definitely a game-changer when it comes to relationship dynamics. How Not to Hate your Husband After Kids offers practical advice on how to navigate this new territory so we can all live happily ever after like the fairy tales promised.

3 key takeaways

1. Men really are from Mars! :Studies show that neurologically, men and women are wired differently. Dunn breaks down precisely how those differences can influence perception, and why we should care

2. You’re not crazy: the change that happens with your relationship after kids is imperceivable but insidious and deadly like a gas leak. How to address the awkwardness? Read: How Not to Hate your Husband After Kids

3. You’re not doomed, relationships take work, there’s lots of help out there including (drumroll please) this gem of a book.

2 Pros

1. Jancee is an expert-level content curator, the entire book reads like a very interesting magazine article about married relationship dynamics. The book is generously embedded with study findings, interesting statistics and just a dash of cheekiness to keep you grinning and nodding while reading.

2. It’s relatable! Dunn openly shares her many failed attempts at resolving her post-baby marriage issues via yelling, insulting and all the sarcastic passive-aggressiveness.

2 Cons

1. It ends. Honestly I wish there was more of this book! It was smart, funny and gave a generous dose of ah ha! moments. Kind of like a good Ted Talk.

2. Her husband is a writer too, maybe a male perspective from him would’ve been cool? Am I giving advice now? Who am I?

Cop it or drop it?

Cop it! Seriously, go read this book immediately! Even if your married life is perfect, there’s lots to learn and knowledge is always power.

Thank you Jancee Dunn for this useful masterpiece of a book. My husband and I are better for it!


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