Who am I?

I’m Batman. *Chuckles at her own joke*

I’m a bad-joke telling, French-teaching, motivational speaking, weight-lifting mom of two young boys aged 5-mts old & 3-yrs old.

My Instagram profile has the perfect description of me as a person:

“I’m a friendly-giant-chocolate-lady that’s slightly obsessed with books”

That Sums me up quite perfectly.

Let’s break it down shall we:

I’m friendly: The smile on my face is a perma-smile – it’s actually crazy how strong these cheekbones are.

I’m a Giant: This classic blog posting says it all

I’m a Chocolate Lady: I’m referring to my complexion here, not the actual food, I’m not crazy about chocolate (true story). I’m an African-Canadian woman, & proud of my Congolese roots.

I’m slightly obsessed with books: I once asked a friend who told me she enjoyed reading too

“how many books do you read per week?”

She looked at me like I had 5 heads! This blog idea truly comes from an undying love of books.

All in all, I’m simply too much! Too ambitious, too smiley, too loud, too tall, too affectionate, too bold and I read way too much for my own good. (More on that here).

I don’t care. This blog is me, it’s too much, but it works, just like I do. In conclusion, I’m sure you’ve already noticed this, but I’m pretty freaking grrreat like Frosted Flakes…. Oh, and my name is Cassandra, nickname me as you wish.


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