A Knock At Midnight – A bite-sized book Review

It is permissible even to hate, if one so dresses his hating in the garments of love that hating appears to be loving. The Darwinian concept of the survival of the fittest has been substituted by a philosophy of the survival of the slickest. This mentality has brought a tragic breakdown of moral standards, and the midnight of moral degeneration deepens.

A Knock at midnight – Edited by Clayborne Carson & Peter Holloran

Full title

A knock at midnight – inspired from the great sermons of reverend Martin Luther King

Author tidbit

Clayborne Carson & Peter Holloran created a masterpiece here. Gathering Reverend Martin Luther Kings sermons makes that easy to do considering his gift of eloquence speech. Martin Luther King Is a leader and visionary of the civil rights movement, was first and foremost a preacher. This unique collection features a selection of Dr. King’s best sermons. Each sermon is introduced by a notable theologians as well.

King’s overriding concern was this: Is our movement right and moral?

A Knock at midnight – Edited by Clayborne Carson & Peter Holloran

Who’s it written for?

God Fearing Human beings in need of a reminder of their innate goodness.

With fiery words of wisdom and a passion for justice, Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., inspired people everywhere to perform extraordinary acts of courage and ignited one of the most influential movements of the twentieth century.

A Knock at midnight – Edited by Clayborne Carson & Peter Holloran

What it’s about?

It’s a collection of sermons, many of which hadn’t been heard since they were first delivered – recorded several churches across the US barely Ebenezer Baptist Church, Dexter Avenue Baptist Church where he carried his ministry. They include ‘Rediscovering Lost Values,’ ‘A Knock at Midnight,’ ‘The American Dream,’ and ‘When Jesus Called a Man a Fool.’

3 Takeaways

1. We need a call to action in our darkest hour in time.

2. In the age of information, there is far too much misinformation that’s dividing us, this separatism/segregation is history repeating itself. Therefore this book remains necessary in 2020.

3. Martin Luther King Jr. did a lot more than the infamous “I have a dream” speech.

His devotion was always to reconciliation and not victory.

A Knock at midnight – Edited by Clayborne Carson & Peter Holloran

1 Pro?

In the Trump era, meaning the “build a wall” era, the ‘Black Lives Matter’ era, this book remains relevant, impactful and will inspire hope in a world that often feels hopeless.

1 Con?

Without the accompanying audiobook version that features the actual recordings of Martin Luther King, something gets lost. I wish they came together as a two for one special. Even if audiobooks aren’t your thing, A Call at Midnight should be listened to. The impact of his unbelievable presentation skills adds volume, laters and depth to the sermons.

This is the definitive collection of eleven of his most powerful sermons, from his earliest known audio recording to his last sermon, delivered days before his assassination.

A Knock at midnight – Edited by Clayborne Carson & Peter Holloran

Cop it or drop it?

Cop it! Specifically the audiobook version! Your local library should have it, mine did. This book will restore your faith in humanity and awaken hope where it was once lost. We can do this, the world may seem broken but it’s worth fighting for.


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