Eight Dates – A bite-sized book Review

Full title

Eight Dates – Essential Conversations for a lifetime Of love

After observing thousands of couples, we now know the areas in a couples life that cause the most struggle

Eight Dates– Essential Conversations for a lifetime Of love

Author tidbit

The authors of this book, John Gottman & Julie Schwartz Gottman and Doug Abrahams have been studying love, marriage and relationships extensively for 40 years! Where is this ‘love lab’ located? (Their term, not mine) Seattle Washington is home of the Gottman Institute. This book is a combination of efforts from real experts that have laid down the foundation in which most marriage counselors live by. They’re also married themselves, and can speak from both a professional and a personal perspectives.

Whether you and your partner are talkative or quiet m, the words that pass between you as well as the expressions and gestures that accompany those words will define and determine your relationship.

Eight Dates – Essential Conversations for a lifetime Of love

Who’s it written for?

The married, the couples, the daydreamers of such a situation. Anyone who wishes to understand the why and how some couples manage to grow in love over a long period of time.

We can tell you with confidence what separates the masters if relationship from the disasters. And we can meet you through the 8 essential conversations that will give you the best chance at creating your own happily ever after.

Eight Dates – Essential Conversations for a lifetime Of love

What it’s about?

The above-mentioned quote says it all, this book is about the 8 essential conversations that will deepen the connection between two people for the better.

When conflict comes as he inevitably does when we weave two lives together, it’s our commitment to being curious rather than correct that allows us to then toward, instead of away from one another in moments of disagreement.

Eight Dates – Essential Conversations for a lifetime Of love

3 Takeaways

1. You can stay in love forever.

2. It’s not chance it’s choice.

3. True love isn’t a fairy tale.

1 Pro?

Factual, to the point and very eloquently written. The words have been beautifully selected and bundled together to make it sound like poetry, but it’s also very factual because they’re doctors after all. I’m a big fan of books written from many people like this one because it offers diverse perspectives and a bigger picture of the subject at hand.

1 Con?

Quick read. I want more of this book, and I realize this isn’t a con for the non bibliophiles like myself, but this is always a con for me when a book is this delicious.

Cop it or drop it?

Cop it. Buy it as a wedding gift or wedding shower gift, read it if you’re in a. New relationship or want to be in one. This book will help you understand love and relationship dynamics like an expert that has studied it for 40 years. This book will give you relationship building superpowers essentially.



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