5 reasons why you should consider cannabis for wellness

4:20 was last week, and I want to clear the smoke about Cannabis, also known as marijuana. Please note, that as a canadian, we are 100% Legal both medicinally and recreationally, and this article is simply not that controversial. All of the quotes from this article come from the book of the week:

A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis – Using Marijuana to Feel Better, Look Better, Sleep Better – and Get High Like a Lady by Nikki Furrer

My goal was to demystify Cannabis. Beacuse espite the fact that it’s legal in Canada, it still remains a very TABOO topic.

Why would Canada Legalize the recreational use of Marijuana if it was as bad as some people think it is? Are we crazy? Nikki Furrer doesn’t think so, she thinks we’re BRILLIANT and frankly, ahead of our time here’s why.

Legal cannabis is curative and restorative. it makes us sleep better, eat better, and feel better.

A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis – Nikki Furrer
  1. Medicinally, it’s incredible.

Nikki Furrer speaks about how helpful Cannabis has been in the medical field for nearly a decade before it became a legal option recreationally. She speaks about chemotherapy patients making great strides towards their recovery thanks to cannabis. Sleeping and eating are challenging to accomplish when you’re not well! The fact that these often (too sick to eat) patients were able to regain their appetite thanks to cannabis is MONUMENTAL.

cannabis is thought to be an aphrodisiac, and we can use it in a few different ways to live our best sex life.

A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis – Nikki Furrer

2. Cannabis can be a sexual aid.

There are very specific ways in which cannabis can be used to improve our sex lives. Nikki Furrer doesn’t hold back any information in this book (not like I am right now). If you’re looking for a natural alternative to boost that libido, consider cannabis. If smoking isn’t for you, perhaps vaping it or consuming it in food is more for you. Either way, enjoy yourself you foxy little minx.

smoking cannabis is healthier than eating a cheeseburger.

A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis – Nikki Furrer

3. There’s a strain for every pain.

I get it, the idea of inhaling medicinal smoke sounds counterintuitive. but it can be a very pleasant experience, especially compared to much harsher chemicals that other pharmaceuticals offer. Too many people are comparing smoking cannabis to smoking cigarettes but they’re not the same. Smoking cannabis is much more natural, there isn’t much in a typical joint other than the actual plant. The cigarette industry however, has been known to add so many chemicals that it’s terrifying.

the best reason to smoke cannabis is that the effects are felt immediately.

A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis – Nikki Furrer

4. No more waiting game.

Imagine taking your meds when you need them and feeling the effects of them working immediately? Now imagine if that same medication doesn’t have any adverse side-effects that further deteriorate your health. The Women’s Guide to Cannabis teaches us that THAT is the reao power of cannabis. Furrer understands that “getting high” isn’t for everyone, however Cannabis doesn’t necessarily mean getting high. CBD doesn’t have THC in it naturally (the part that gets your high). Without the “high” part, the benefits of cannabis still remain notable. Some of the effects of CBD include: Antidepressant, antianxiety, pain relief, appetite suppressant, stress relief, Reduction of tremors and seizures, Anti-aging. Getting high has it’s place as well! THC is one of the best natural solutions for sleep! It’s also great for stress relief and pain relief too.

Inhaling marijuana can be a lifesaver for people with Crohn’s disease because it provides immediate relief of nausea.

A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis – Nikki Furrer

5. From Digestive troubles, to period cramps, cannabis has your back

When new patients go to a legal dispensary in Canada with digestive troubles, Nikki likes to start them off with a THC vape pen or what’s called a sublingual tincture to avoid further stress on the digestive system. Medicating with marijuana can relieve bad moods, abdominal pains and relieve depression and anxiety symptoms.

If Weed makes you uncomfortable, it’s because of the Reefer Madness propaganda that aimed to deter populations from using cannabis altogether. This book has opened my eyes to things I was very closed minded and ignorant about before.

Look, I’m not saying smoke weed! I’m saying, if you drink alcohol, and have a problem with marijuana in Canada, then you’ve been brainwashed to believe you’re in the right. The effects of alcohol on the body are far more detrimental to your health both physical and mental!

If Wine can be consumed sophisticatedly, then so can cannabis. Moderation and dosage matters!

Thank you Nikki Furrer, for helping me understand the people in my life who enjoy Cannabis regularly. Demystifying cannabis has saved my relationship with loved ones.

Change your mind, change your life.

Go read this book!


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